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Artists Represented - Fighting Cocks Group

Multazam Kamil
Multazam (Zam) Kamil (b. 1969) speak of the little poetic moments in life, the fallibilities of the human spirit, moods and situations in life. Matters relating to the material and the physical are left behind – in Zam Kamil’s painted world, one finds a sense of wonder towards nature; unceasing attempts to capture the depths of human sensations; and distilled essence of life’s milestones. The simplified and abstracted silhouette figure is a leitmotif in Zam Kamil’s paintings; it is also in them that we recall the bold early 20th century Fauvist manifestos of noted modernists like Andre Derain and Henri Matisse affirming the expressive potency of color and artistic freedom from academic realism.

Moch Basori
Moch Basori (b. 1971) uses painting as a media to depict human condition including himself. For him, the understanding of others is as important as understanding himself. This paradigm is shape by his interest in kejawen (Javanese mysticism). However, painting is just one of his artistic activities. Basori like to exploring different materials – used windscreen, coconut, wood, cloth, and bicycle frames, etc – and imaginatively uses them as media or parts in his creations.

Nurul Hayat (Acil)
Nurul Hayat (Acil) (b. 1972) create a Jhon Doe (in Indonesian is ‘Polan’) character on his works of two-dimensions. The character of this Jhon Doe describe by masculine bodies, completely naked, with colorful bald head that always have a flat face (without expression). Acil wants to speak loudly about the identity of humanity and so at once he wants to criticize the wrong understanding when emphasis of urban life identity based on advertisement, lifestyle and trend. He ‘undraped’ that bodies who dependent on that crap, even with extremely he ‘shaving down’ all of the attribute about the beauty and handsomeness by removing the hair on the head of his characters. Acil is one of the artist that always want to learn everything and love to explore his woks with different medium. In this time he struggling with newsprint media – as one of the urban life product – that he create to be his three-dimensions work.

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