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Current Exhibitions - Leeds Met Gallery

Ground For Discussion | Conway and Young

Thursday 27 April – Thursday 22 July

Ground For Discussion documents a series of undeveloped and alternative spaces found within a half-mile radius of Leeds Railway Station - places that stand still in a constantly moving urban environment, that remain in the shadow of a regenerated modern city - blank areas, open areas, pauses in between buildings where overgrown wastelands sit between city centre apartments and ancient footpaths. This work presents passers by with an opportunity to think about the way in which city centre space has been used and about the empty and historically rich spaces that remain.

Ground For Discussion will be presented on a billboard situated in Leeds Railway Station (lower concourse, opposite Subway) The project is accompanied by both a limited edition publication and set of postcards, which will be available from the Leeds Tourist Information Centre in the train station.

Ground For Discussion is the first of four as part of Leeds Met Gallery’s Billboard Project using billboard 7075 at Leeds Railway Station over the coming year.

Leave | Simon Boase
27 April - 18 May
Leeds Railway Station

The Window Project is part of Testbed, Leeds Met Gallery’s professional development programme. The Window Project is offering selected Fine Art students the chance to use a window on the lower concourse as an installation space. Starting with Simon Boase’s Leave, an installation that takes it aesthetic from the environment of the railway station and evokes a sense of transience and departure.

The train station is not often a place to visit. It is a place to pass time, somewhere where minutes of boredom can be passed with a coffee, imagining somewhere other than your current location. The huge adverts attract attention only momentarily before telling us we should be in another place, and the generic fast food outlets provide sustenance designed to be consumed off their premises.
Leave isn’t sustaining, and it doesn’t try to conjure images of exotic locations and attractions. It confronts the actuality of the space and the intentions of those who read it.

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