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39° 55\' N 166° 25\' E Beijing

New Artists from China

Chinese Contemporary Art is evolving rapidly. This exhibition presents work in traditional media by five artists who are all enjoying some success in their home country, but who have not yet exhibited in the UK. Until the mid-1990\'s most practicing Chinese artists were to be found in squatted derelict areas, particularly in Beijing, often making work which was very challenging even by western standards. Much of this work was performance based or site-specific, since it was very difficult to publicise themselves abroad and the domestic market was almost non-existent there was little commercial motivation. However the new generation is finding that since they are permitted, even encouraged to work, they are increasingly turning to painting, drawing and photography and making pictures such as those seen in this exhibition which are fascinating in their subject and beautifully crafted. Their emergence in the new free-market economy of China is evident not only in their choice of medium but also the subject matter; movie stars, drunken party girls, models, guns and computer generated interpretations of Michelangelo\'s paintings all point to the imagery of a western, modern society.

China has a fantastic growing network of artist villages, galleries and museums all supported by enthusiastic Chinese collectors. The artists in this exhibition are all working in Beijing, in districts which were once known as run-down squats and are now thriving artistic communities, they have all exhibited extensively and we are delighted to be showing them here in London.

Liu Fei

Liu Zheng

Miao Xiaochun

Shi Xinning

Zhang Hui

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