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Zest Gallery announces the opening of ‘The Imaginary Landscape’, a major solo exhibition of new work by the prominent glass artist Adam Aaronson.

Adam’s inspiration stems from his enthusiasm for the captured landscape, the quality of light on water, earth and skyline. The fleeting effects of sunset or twilight create a visual imprint or echo in the artist’s work – an ‘Imaginary Landscape’ made up of the seen, emotive and inspirational experience. Glass becomes the perfect medium for this kind of illustration, itself an ever-changing landscape in its molten state. In this work, the dynamic of each idea allows for the unexpected; organic shapes, and abstracted landscapes speak to the viewer of a frozen and yet timeless moment.

“I like the ambiguity of colour and contrast, the way in which, for example, a swathe of bright red in a landscape or sunset can be read as fire or flower by different viewers. In fact, even though I give each artwork a title that reflects my own perception and inspiration, observers may find themselves recalling moments in time within their own “imaginary landscapes”.

Each artwork considers the relationship between glass as organic force, in parallel with the artist as regulator of the molten medium. Adam has created objects that celebrate fluid glass forms and combines them with abstract painterly surfaces.

“The artworks in the exhibition are moving away from functional forms and were created with the intention of exploring the potential of the glass object. In reassessing expectations of vase, cylinder and vessel, I have been developing shapes that act as a raw canvas for the surface imagery. The large scale and dramatic forms of these works are intended to have a primitive quality that preserves the fluidity inherent in the glass medium.”

Each work is a unique form, unrepeatable and produced at the rapid pace that is inherent in the glassblowing process. The making process, which gives each of the works a uniquely beautiful surface, has been developed by Adam over many years, and involves the multiple application of coloured powders, lending the artwork an abstract painterly quality.

“It has taken some time to build up to the large scale blown glass featured in The Imaginary Landscape. These vessels are physically challenging to make and required lengthy experimentation to achieve the right level of control over the colouring process... the ‘late colouring’ technique, has parallels in enamelling, ceramic glazing, printing and painting.”

‘The Imaginary Landscape’ is curated by Jenny Starr and is accompanied by a catalogue with a foreword by glass artist and writer Peter Layton and an artist statement by Adam Aaronson.

Entrance is free and all work is available to buy from Zest Gallery.

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