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The Queen of The Peace
S&P Stanikas

(A special 10-week exhibition)

February 16 - April 28, 2007

Volitant Gallery is pleased to present an extraordinary international encounter with the exhibit, S&P Stanikas’ The Queen of the Peace. In an unprecedented exhibition for Texas, Volitant reveals to Austin the wide-ranging collection of work by Svajone and Paulius Stanikas. This Lithuanian couple seamlessly produces work that articulates their perspective of the human condition in our present-day bedlam, including both the grandiose and grotesque. Prevalent themes in their work are as visceral, epic, and conflicting as death, war, sex, politics, family and history. Such themes cannot be encapsulated by one medium alone, as a result the Stanikas use a combination of drawings, installations, sculpture and video work to not only relay their perspectives, but to also invite the reaction of the viewer.

“Queen of the Peace” is a continuation of presentations by the Stanikas that first started with their “World War” expo during the 2003 Venice Biennale and continued with their Parisian exhibition, “Inferno,” and most recently, “End of a Millennium,” in NY at White Box in 2005. The Stanikas still have much to express about the intersection between the intricate, and often intense, occurrences in the human consciousness. It is with sheer urgency that Svajone and Paulius Stanikas confront this catastrophe that we call the contemporary world; nevertheless, the beauty and skill with which they succeed in delivering their message is undeniable. After exhibiting at Volitant Gallery the two will have the honor of showcasing at the world-renown Centre Pompidou (Paris, France) in 2008 in a group exhibition celebrating the Pompidou’s 30th anniversary. This landmark exhibit will be curated by Jean de Loisy and entitled “Traces du Sacre”.

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