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At PiziArte 意大利piziarte画廊 ,personal exhibition of ZHAO HAOYI (招浩谊)

The artist was deeply attracted by the spirit of watercolor paintings. So he just devoted himself to studying it while being a student of Guangzhou Academy Of Fine Arts and now shows his understanding of watercolor through his works.
In the process of creation, the artist is always going on trying different styles. He usually used bridges,boats or other natural sights in his early works to make a kind of unique Chinese style.
But during these two years, the artist is keeping on searching his own style of human images in his paintings. Most of them are taken children to be their theme. By using the traditional Chinese painting skills, the artist can show us a vivid picture of the lovely kids.
And recently the artist is focused on making his works more sensitive. We can see the great charm of Chinese philosophy through his paintings.
However, no matter which stage the artist is on, he always believe that drawing with his true heart and feeling of the nature can give every works its soul


Born1974, Guangdong Nanhai province. Graduated from Guangzhou Academy Of Fine Arts in 1997. He devoted himself on the works of watercolor. And now is a member of the China Artists Association, secretary of guangdong watercolor Association

1996年水彩画作品 《雪霁》入选中国首届水彩画艺术展。
1997年水彩画作品 《清韵》入选第七届中国水彩画大展。
1998年水彩画作品 《清韵》、《河 》、《静静的小船》、《金秋》、《老桥》等多幅作品参加98全国中青年水彩画家提名展。
1999年水彩画作品 《昔日辉煌》入选广东省首届水彩画展。
1999年水彩画作品 《黑山•老栅•黄土墙》入选第九届全国美术作品展览。
1999年水彩画作品 《有帐篷的风景》入选第九届全国美术作品展览并获庆祝建国五十周年全军美术作品展览优秀作品奖。(合作)
2001年水彩画作品 《小卓玛》入选首届中国水彩人物画展。
2002年水彩画作品 《暖日》获中国水彩画写生精品展优秀奖。
2004年水彩画作品 《宝贝阳阳》被选送到法国及马耳他作艺术交流展。
2004年水彩画作品 《歌声远去》获“庆祝中华人民共和国成立五十五周年广东省美术作品展”优秀作品奖。
2005年水彩画作品 《巍然见南山》及《那些花儿还开吗》入选中国美术家协会第十八次新人新作展。
2007年水彩画作品 《秋日》获广东美术慈善创作大赛金奖。
2008 意大利piziarte画廊 ,Teramo (Abruzzo),Italy



By Hu Zhiying 胡志颖
After making a penetrating study of traditional Chinese culture and the history of Western painting, imitating artists of the abstract expressionist school and experimenting with and producing ready-mades, I have taken up painting again. In the last 15 years I have been exploring a question I call “cultural contrast”, a broad field that I aim to explore further. In notes on my works, I write: “In my work I combine the constant cultural value of the symbols in Chinese painting and the unfolding eclecticism of painting taking place in the West.” I combine Chinese traditional landscape painting with the elements of vary art styles in the West. I like to regard my works as equivalent to the real world and not merely a documentation of it. My paintings frequently synthesis imagines of many kinds of objects, where those in the background often change places with those in the foreground.
My works illustrate “cultural contrast” as an abstract and concrete field of knowledge. When the viewer tries to discern the origin of this field and identify the relationship between the themes of art and their prototypes, they are likely to lose themselves in the dreamlike realm of the paintings. In my easel paintings on canvas or board, apart from conventional materials like ink, oil and acrylic colors, I apply gold and silver power, Chinese Varnish. These materials, expressing an archaic mood in a multitude of imagines, add substance to the “cultural contrast”. The various materials, the diversity of images and the glossy surface are easily identifiable with the bright yet unstable reality of the world in which we live, and at the same time, imply a dark, mysterious world lurking beneath the dazzling surface.
The series works "Remake Bacon" is, recently, based on above, and uses for reference the certain elements of Bacon’s art to be the more prominent power of the intense images, more directly enter the person's soul dialog or the monologue. To use oil, alternately, acrylic with the unique material——Chinese Vanish in different level alternate, lets the work have a superior visual effect, but this quotes the Bacon’s art elements, and converges with others art elements in the dim atmosphere which the elements become vary outward appearance and substantive content. The vehement contrast between the intense brushwork and the strong color display those non-conventional changeful and extraordinary images and the soul kingdom, the pictorial technologic language and the profound artistic conception in harmony.

1959 Born in Jiangxi. Now lives in Guangzhou, teaches at the College of Fine Arts of South China Normal University
1977~1981 Studied art in the Jiangxi Teacher-Training College
1987~1990 Studied Chinese Painting in the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts as postgraduate student
1999~2002 Studied literature and art in the Jinan University as doctor-candidate, and gain the doctor’s degree in 2002
1992 The United Art Exhibition, the building of Guangdong Broadcast and Television University, Guangzhou
1995 The Teachers’ Works of South China Normal University, Art Building, Guangzhou
1996 Shanghai First International Fax Art Exhibition, Huashan Art School Gallery, Shanghai
1996 Art Today in China, Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany
1996 China-Aktuelles aus 15 Ateliers, Munich, Germany
1997 CHINA NOW! Basel, Switzerland
1998 CHINA NOW! Tokyo, Osaka, etc., five cities, Japan
1999 Exhibition of Chinese ink and wash Painting, Art Building of South China Normal University, Guangzhou
2001 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, the Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2002 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, the Art Center of Jinan University, Guangzhou
2003 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou
2004 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Jiangsu Art Gallery, Nanjing
2005 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, Shanghai
2006 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Private art collection, Shanghai
Private art collection, Beijing
Private art collection, Guangzhou
Private art collection, Paris
Ludwig Museum collection, Cologne


Li YueLing 李月领.

Piziarte 图库艺网 意大利

Arte Contemporanea - Contemporary Art - 當代藝術

From 17 January 2008, at Piziarte 图库 Gallery , in collaboration with the Nancy's Gallery 南希艺术画廊 of Shanghai 中國上海,individual Works exhibition of the young chinese artist Li Yueling

Li Yueling 李月领 :curriculum

Li Yueling 李月领, was born in 1971, Hebei province. He works and lives in Shanghai now.

1990-1992, studied in Hebei Normal University, Painting Department.

From 1993 to now, he has taken part in many art exhibitions and activities, and some of his paintings have been collected by organizations at home and abroad.

2000, Took part in Beijing Art Fair.

2003, Japan, Tokyo Oil Painting and Portrait Art exhibition.

2004, in Shanghai Science and Technology Hall, held Artists Works Exhibition.
In Shanghai Outer Beach Art Gallery, held exhibition.

2005, in Shanghai, At Shanghai Gangkai Art Gallery, Individual Works Exhibition.
Artists in Shanghai Works Exhibition Published in
Set up Art studio at No.50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai.

2006, Shanghai Yb2 Gallery Solo Show Shanghai Art Fair
many works were introduced or published in some issues such as, and ...

2007, World Gallary Exhibition of Four Artists, Hongkong
Estabished a studio in Songzhuang, Beijing

Art Shanghai 2007, Shanghai
Digital Instant Pictures Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum "Super Art---Fascinated in Shanghai" Exhibition, The St.Regis Hotel Shanghai

Songzhuang Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Shenyang

2008 Li Yue Ling 李月领 Piziarte 图库艺网 Teramo (Italy)Oil Painting and Portrait Art exhibition,

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