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Current Exhibitions - Red Hill Gallery

Red Hill Gallery is privileged to be exhibiting internationally recognised South African artist Katherine Wood in her second Australian collection titled “After The Storm”.

Katherine’s work is not a depiction of any specific place or time but rather the essence of energy. The paintings play with a tension of contrasts; abstract versus realism, contemporary versus traditional,
texture verses smooth. There is a contrast of that which is defined, and of that which is not.

In this exhibition there is a play in the illusion of space. The splashes of abstract paint emphasises the two dimensionality of the canvas surface. Wood then places her traditional landscape inside the abstract creating the illusion of depth and a space beneath, a layering.

Different to the textural play on depth found in other examples of Katherine’s work but still playing with the idea of space - drawing the viewer into another dimension. In these works the usual “abstract in nature” theme is reversed and nature is now found in the abstract.

A signature of Katherine’s landscapes is her use of the Boscia albitrunca – the African "Tree of Life" which gives a focal point and depth to her paintings and makes the work uniquely hers.

Bill Powell

Following 30 years in the industry, master potter Bill Powell presents his first major exhibition.

Powell presents an exquisite exhibition of 60 contemporary art pieces at Red Hill Gallery Brisbane. Using his signature technique, the crystal glaze, he has created an elegant collection. Each piece is unique and unable to be reproduced in its colouring and finish.

The pieces explore the translucent nature of glass in combination with, and in contrast to, the space-defining clay object. The forms draw upon a vast history of ceramics and act as a canvas for Bill’s obsession with the random and organic crystal growth patterns with his chosen glazes. The functional heritage is still in evidence, but the direction is one of high quality.

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