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Adrian Freuen Exhibition :"A Gesture of Change"

As a guest to China the world is seen from a different perspective. Art making, economies, and perceptions are obvious. While much of the world might be in economic despair, China has become the help to the rest of the world. China globally is doing well and has become a mountainous nation. In the midst of China's rise, it is vital that China learn from the rest of the world's mistakes. Yet, at the same time, China has a beautiful past filled with artistic traditions that must not be forgotten. The works in this show attempt to combine traditional mediums alongside technological advances.

The adaptation from my earlier practice to present is a metaphor for my current submission--there is a gesture of change apparent in this current show. Creating images with resemblance to monuments, landscapes, or daily routines establishes a relevant memory while invented imagery creates movement, change, and flow. The imagery is created from drawings, digital photographs, and digital processes; then a larger drawing is created along with gouache, gesso, and templates to finish the impression.

Upon viewing the art, the white areas that are left untouched place the viewer in a sensitive awareness where the subtle details become known. A feeling of spaciousness has visually been created to allow the composition to overflow from the paper--the art suggests a past yet lending the image to live on and on. The paper becomes an active participant when considering space rather than a means to render a background. Meanwhile technologies along with tradition play an important role in the work. The synthesis of both technology and tradition along with the processes in creating the images serve as tools yet never define the art at hand in one single medium.

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