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White Heat
2-27 June 2010

Private view: Tuesday 1st June 2010, 6-9pm

Victoria Browne
Angie Butler
Lorna Crabbe
Harvey Dellanzo
Desmond Felix 
Stephen Fowler
Daniele Genadry
Graeme Gerard Halliday
Stephen Lee 
Flora McLean
Andrew Pegram
Peter Rapp 
The Readers
Shelley Revill
Mary Rouncefield
Augusta Ogilvy & Martin Sexton
Sofia Stevi
Johnette Taylor
Carolyn Trant

The penultimate show at KALEID project space, Redchurch Street, London E2; an interdisciplinary group exhibition of editioned artists’ books curated by Victoria Browne and Dr. Aylin Kunter.

“ the white heat of this revolution will be no place for restrictive practices or for outdated methods...”
In 1963, Harold Wilson laid forth an ambitious agenda that called into question values of family, work, education, male-female relations, sexuality, urbanism, science, technology and progress.

Taking inspiration from this period, KALEID will be subject to, and an object of ‘white heat’ as a beacon of light to illuminate a brave new collection of artists’ books; in order to represent our mood, ideas and the spirit of our time. In the current ‘light’ of the aftermath of the British general election, the exhibition will challenge the notion that there is one politics and celebrate the diversity of our lives.

‘According to Blake, anything is capable of becoming a text, that is, of bearing significant marks. The earth, the sky, the elements, natural objects, the human body and its garments, the mind itself are all space of inscription, sites in which the imagination renders or receives meaning, marking and being marked’1.

Hellicar & Lewis, a duo of interactive installation artists, will create a flock of light-beings inspired in part by John Horton Conway’s Game of Life and Craig Reynold’s further research into artificial life. The piece will interact with visitors who engage with the new collection artists’ books, as the installation replicates, mutates and evolves during the four week show.

1. William Blake quoted in Picture Theory by William Mitchell, 1994, p.131

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