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Current Exhibition


25th March - 4th May

Painting and Sculpture

Ashdown Gallery is pleased to show the work of two artists with very different backgrounds: Briton Gavin Roweth, who recently left the financial world to dedicate himself full-time to sculpture, and Dane Mette Udsholt, who has a background in film & theatre - one of the founders of the Gallery.

The exhibition has a simple palette with underlying tones of mood - a sensory experience which is bound to make you want to take a deep breath and enjoy the view.

Gavin Roweth

A stone-carving workshop at Tout Quarry on the Isle of Portland in 2005 made up Gavin's mind to make a change after twenty years in the financial markets - since then he has been sculpting full time.

Gavin works principally carving limestone and producing cold cast metal and stone pieces. He enjoys the whole process from design, to clay model, to moulding and then casting and finishing. For him sculpture must appeal visually and be physically tactile. He focuses on engaging the senses whatever the subject matter.

Mette Udsholt

When I was eight, my father gave me a lovely box of oil paints and an easel for Christmas. I had absolutely no idea how to paint with oils and it took me twenty years, having worked my way through watercolours, gouaches, inks and roscoe to sum up the courage. Along the way I had worked and studied art, film and theatre and would say that I nearly always had a pencil and pen or a large paintbrush to hand; so now finally working in oil - which I love - is a natural progression of everything that I have done so far.

I am fascinated by the weather and love to study the sky; often my landscapes are comments on nature's reaction to climate change or just the seasons; how you can look day in and day out at the same view, and the fact that that view is never the same, is a complete mystery to me.

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