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Kumi Korf
Sept 7 - Oct 21, 2007
Opening Reception
Sept 8th, 5 - 8 pm

In recent years, Kumi Korf is primarily known as a printmaker. This exhibition will be a departure from printmaking by focusing on her painting works. Two large gestural acrylic canvases will fill the main section of the gallery. These large scale paintings in the intimate setting of the gallery will offer viewers a different experience. One of these pieces, “An Amphora and A Fish - painting”, created in collaboration with Kumi’s granddaughter Maïa Vidal, was influenced by a story written by Korf herself. An amphora (Greek vase) fell into the vast seas attracting a fish. The two formed a relationship with one another. Eventually, the amphora metamorphosed into a fish. Kumi Korf compares this story to the act and process of creating art, constantly changing and recreating form.

Two series of smaller works will also be shown in the back section of the gallery. One series are pastel works inspired by nature and landscape around Ithaca. A more recent second series are works in oil pigment sticks. Kumi Korf’s works show a lifelong inspiration from the abstract expressionists.

Kumi Korf is a well known Ithaca artist holding a BA in Architecture from Tokyo University of Fine Art and a MFA from Cornell University. Collections of her works can be seen in Victoria and Albert Museum Special Collections, Tate Library, Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art-Cornell University, Library of Congress, Harvard University Houghton Library, and the Getty Research Institute.

From the beginning of time, food has always been important to our human survival. This exhibition is a slice of life within our contemporary society involving the simple pleasures of food as well as a list of other issues such as addiction, advertisement and consumerism, gender issues, gluttony, greed, health and hazards of food, indulgence, poverty, self-body image within our culture, symbolism, temptation and wish fulfillment. There will be an array of fine art media examining this theme including ceramics, collage, fiber arts, jewelry, painting, photography, prints, sculpture and video.

The artists participating are Christina Blackman (NY), Danielle Boudet (NY), June Daskalakis (CA), Anna Velkoff Freeman (VA), Robert Gratiot (CO), Candance Knapp (FL), Leslie Lewis (TX), Emily Green Liddle (MD), Johan Lowie (MD) Jane R. Lubin (CT), Wendy Menzie (NY) Andrew Page (MA), Jim Ridlon (NY), Flora Rocco (NY), Kathy Rodriquez (MT), Linda Friedman Schmidt (NJ), Bevery Shipko (NY), Roger Smith (NY) DeDe Sorensen (PA), Eden Stern (WI) and Yuki Toyooka (NY).

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