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Opening: Thurs 31st Jan 7-9pm
Exhibition runs: Jan 31st- Feb 28th
Open: Sat 12pm - 5pm
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"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." Edgar Allan Poe, Elenora

Called “corpse” berries, The Snowberry is regarded as food for people in the Land of the Dead. Plant guidebooks usually mention that snowberry is toxic to humans but edible for birds and mammals.

Snowberries is a collected body of work investigating the artist’s concern with the boundaries between the real and the imagined.
Echoing influences Freud’s Uncanny, the artist’s interweaves ideas between found materials with fantastic and dreamlike elements, derived from Robert Burton’s the Anatomy of Melancholy, and prose of Edgar Allen Poe’s.

Inherent in all of Manifolds works Is a constant reflection human perception with dark undertones that continues to mediate though symbolism and narrative that illustriously theatrical and other worldly.
Snowberries investigates the external factors of human existence with the internal ones: particularly focusing on the distinctions between what is serious or trivial, tragic or comic. With a play on mock horror fusion with the everyday, the fantastic, the mythical, and the nightmarish, in rendering age old concerns through contemporary media forms.

Artist statement
My work investigates human relationships between everyday reality and the realm of the impossible, incorporating mythical, spiritual, and paranormal ideas and rituals my materials are an eclectic mix of peculiar and everyday spaces, people and artifacts Considered through lens based media found object and installation.
My fascination with anthropology and phenomena is continually referenced through the finding of practices and stories on the borderland between fact and fantasy which cannot be explained but in someway hint at the credibility of human perception.
An important process within the work is the manipulation of narrative styles of interpretation. The documentary, reconstruction and reenactment of stories and forgotten events employed, as so to mirror ones own inherent personal and greater collective perception.

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