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Gallery 400, a center for art exhibition and discourse at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was founded in 1983 to exhibit and support innovations in contemporary art, design and architecture. Over its 24 year history Gallery 400 has grown into a nationally recognized arts presenter of acclaimed exhibitions, lectures, artist residencies, workshops, symposia and publications. Gallery 400’s primary goals include making the arts and artists accessible to a broad spectrum of the public; ensuring and cultivating a variety of cultural and intellectual perspectives; fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of the arts; and supporting artists by providing economic support, professional services and opportunities to make new work.

From its inception the Gallery has presented challenging and lively exhibitions, including Louder (1991), in which early 90s artwork is understood through the lens of authority-thumbing and insouciantly self-defined adolescence; The Ecstasy of Limits (1994), which explored desire and control, mastery and submission, order and consciousness; and The Complete Graphics and Multiples of √Ėyvind Fahlstr√∂m (1999), a retrospective of this under-appreciated artist's pop inspired conceptual gloss on global politics. The Voices Lecture Series presents artists, critics, designers, curators and art historians at the leading edge of global artistic discourse. Past guests have included Greg Bordowitz, Dan Cameron, Beatriz Colomina, Olafur Eliasson, Isaac Julien, Miwon Kwon and Kara Walker. The Artist Residency program challenges artists to expand the terms in which they create work while offering UIC students and the Gallery's community partners opportunities to work closely with artists in the creation of new work. Significant projects created during residencies include Rikrit Tiravanija's In and Out (1996) and Byron Kim's Deposit (1998).

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