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Gallery/Dealer Details - Visual Art U.K.

The main aim of Visual art is to draw attention of the world to the stunning and exceptional talent of the artists of ancient and modern India and to popularize Indian art . It is a well recognized fact that from the dawn of civilization, India’s contribution to the world of art has been phenomenal. But this fact is not as widely known and recognized, as it deserves to be.

Painters and artists from the sub continent of India, both of the traditional and contemporary schools, have used a wide range of medium to give expression to their vision of life. From the mud and stonewalls to the soft delicate silk and cork, artists have created exquisite work of art of great excellence. However, the great majority of people are unaware of this.

Visual art acknowledges the fact that art transcends all barriers of class, creed and culture. Civilizations are at their best when they allow art and culture to flourish. When all other historical evidence has been wiped out, art and art alone remains as the true traditional reflection of our heritage.

Besides creating an interest in traditional and contemporary Indian art, Visual art seeks to help individuals from everywhere to develop their talent and potentials by providing a forum for expression and appreciation.

Visual art is a very open minded gallery, which is always ready to help artists whose work displays a measure of maturity. This is not only to further mutual appreciation of each other’s art and culture, but also to extend the cause of multicultural and peaceful co-existence, which all of us are striving and struggling to achieve.

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