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Gallery/Dealer Details - ART LABOR Gallery

Founded in 2005, ART LABOR is an approachable and professional contemporary gallery which has always been purposely independent of the typical Shanghai gallery scene, yet has begun a new area of galleries, called the Central Galleries, located in the former French Concession neighbourhood. After being the first gallery in the neighbourhood three years ago, there are now more than 12 galleries within the area, most with equally interesting and fresh, high quality programming.

We provide a platform for artists from both China and abroad, established, emerging or RE-EMERGING artists who create art not always immediately and obviously identifiable as "Chinese", but rather that could belong anywhere in the world, art which is truly original. We also seek to represent local artists who have found an answer to the question of what will be the real contemporary Chinese art scene to come.

We offer art for intellectual stimulation and, of course, enjoyment, which we have always felt is what true collectors aspire to. For those interested in investment, the artists we represent are very professionally engaged in the art world and are invited to participate in the some of the most important group shows in China today.

ART LABOR Gallery encourages artists to create memorable exhibitions, and have designed our space in the French Concession neighbourhood in Shanghai to be used accordingly. As the first western style gallery to open in this area of the city, ART LABOR started a movement of the so-called CENTRAL GALLERIES of SHANGHAI, into this fascinating part of the city. Riding a recent wave of interest in other countries' art, we are leading Shanghai toward a more balanced and international menu. Soon followed by another 8 or so galleries in the immediate area, including James Cohan from New York, we have continually sought to showcase, through PRIMARY representation only, the eccentric, the exceptional and most of all interesting artists working in Shanghai today.

With the attendance of our openings now spilling out the doors and into the street at every show, we are planning an expansion to a larger in space in late 2009/early 2010.

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