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Gallery/Dealer Details - Louis Lannoo Gallery

Chinese & Indian Contemporary Art

“ Some of the best work being produced today is coming out of China, Korea & Japan „
Howard Rutkowski (director contemporary art Bonhams)

For an art market starved of a steady flow of high-quality works of art, contemporary art is a godsend.
There is, after all, so much of it about. Everywhere. And never before have there been so many people eager to buy it from all around the globe.
Suddenly it seems that the entire art trade has begun to explore the dynamic potential of emerging markets and new art.

China is the dominant reality for the future. Chinese contemporary culture is passing through a particularly creative and historical important phase.

Louis Lannoo Gallery is a pioneer in Belgium in the field of Chinese contemporary art, by carefully identifying the best and most original artists of this new generation.

European & American 20th Century Art

Louis Lannoo Gallery provides art consultation on all aspects of your collection, whether it exists already, or whether you are making plans to build the collection of your dreams.

We believe a successful art collection defines and communicates the interests and image of the collector. Art has the power to transform an interior, to reflect a (corporate) profile and last but not least, can serve as a financial investment.

Our service ranges from the acquisition of one unique piece to the development of an entire collection over a period of years.
Louis Lannoo Gallery has worldwide access to the highest quality of fine art available.
We can offer you an objective commitment in order to guarantee the finest art for the most economical cost at any level.

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