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Luigi De Giovanni dedicated himself to painting from the bloom youth. He obtained the diploma at the Fine Art Academy of Rome in 1974.
Artistic Direction's Advice:
Second edition of Luigi De Giovanni's solo exhibition. The show is jet an happy and great sequence of well matched warm colours to cold colours, the latter used in moderation, that creates intense and suggestive compositions.
I would point out the smart contrast that rises from the apparent homogeneity of themes. The fundamental contrast is between sweet still lifes, with impressionist flavour, and the wild landscape of southern Italy, with expressionist flavour.
You can see the still lifes tidy into polite composure, with light colours, studied, I want to say, threadbare. Minor keys predominate and some violets and pale pinks; and green that are getting to blue; and then some lively grey but with moderation.
The still lifes remain on one close-up and represent a settled process, a moment. A flower that did not become a fruit, a cut stem that can live only into his instant. These are the tribute to "carpe diem" the istant when you think to understand the meaning, to hold the object and the subject of your desire; and it is gone.
Still lifes are quiet and pretty but they are always prepared to a fast and early extinction; and only the artist can avoid but with the trick of painting. They are a light tangle and give a quiet restlessness.
Now these strong landscape where there is a resolute fast synthetic stroke, with no destraction, almost gestural but also with few concession to abstraction that is curbbed, controlled. Colour is less shaded and the contrasts are more hard.
These landscapes are real and they are hard and true; maybe parched with an implacable sun but full a rooted and strong life that, with his knotted and apparently untidy evolution, reasserts his supremacy. With these canvas the artist concentrates all his vital force, his optimism and his faith in the creative power of this world.
Luigi De Giovanni, contemplating and professing the value of these realities, codifies his universal message. The supremacy of nature as a re-balancing strenght able to repair all the damages with his exuberant creative power with no human being.

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