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Gallery/Dealer Details - ChinaSquare

ChinaSquare, a new gallery bringing Chinese contemporary artists and art to the West

Founded in 2006, ChinaSquare is located in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan. ChinaSquare’s 4,500 square foot space, part of the recently constructed Chelsea Arts Tower at 545 West 25th Street is the vision of Xu Tiantian, the architect for Song-Zhuang Museum, Beijing. ChinaSquare exhibits Chinese contemporary artwork including photography, painting, sculpture, video art, and installations. During its inaugural period of exhibitions, ChinaSquare will showcase artists, which include Liu Wei, Li Tianyuan, Cui Xiuwen, Ma Liuming and Chen Wenbo.

In recent years, the Chinese contemporary art market has experienced unprecedented prosperity and some artists have gained tremendous recognition in the international art world. Yet, many young and talented Chinese artists are still confined to domestic markets in China and remain virtually unknown to Western audiences. ChinaSquare was born from the need of established Chinese contemporary artists abroad to obtain credible representation in New York City. Through exhibitions and publications, ChinaSquare strives to improve the accessibility of Chinese contemporary art to art historians, connoisseurs, museums and cultural institutions, critics, foundations, collectors, and art enthusiasts. ChinaSquare works closely with this audience to facilitate and develop the careers of Chinese contemporary artists, both academically and commercially. Because New York City is renowned as a leading cultural and financial center, it provides a rich and profound setting for the introduction of talented contemporary artists.

Like Chinese contemporary art, ChinaSquare is young, ambitious and full of potential. ChinaSquare looks forward to significant collaborations with excellent Chinese contemporary artists and art professionals from around the world.

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