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Gallery/Dealer Details - Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea, Naples

Umberto Di Marino began its activity in 1994 with a cultural association in a suburb as difficult as the Giugliano in Campania’s one (Naples), presenting performances and shows that involved especially historical artists, such as Valerio Adami, Alighiero Boetti, Bruno Ceccobelli, Bruna Esposito, Omar Galliani, Marcello Jori, Giuseppe Maraniello, Gian Marco Montesano, Hidetoshi Nagasawa and Vettor Pisani. Then, beginning from the year 2000, the Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea Gallery was created with a stronger identity directing its interests towards the analysis of the relationship between architecture and nature and working with young artists, too.
On the 31 st. May 2005 it has been opened the new seat in the centre of Naples, whose planning provides to alternate Italian and international artists, well-known or very young promising ones, regularly. Among the artists often called to collaborate with the gallery Alberto Di Fabio (Avezzano, Italy – 1966; lives and works in Rom and New York) shows interest in the archetypal forms of life, such as cells, DNA, molecules, which become abstract modules useful to give the natural world an uncontaminated beauty through bright colours. Also Luca Francesconi’s (Mantova, Italy – 1979; lives and works in Paris) research is centred on the difficult relationship between man and nature; here the mixture between natural and artificial aims to create a refined poetics, based on the artistic act that, through the patient manual labour or the simple selection, projects its whole inner world in it. Instead Sergio Vega’s (Buenos Aires – 1959; lives and works in Miami, U.S.A.) work is related more specifically to a precise aspect of this problem, that has its roots in the failure of the Modernism in the South America and specially in Brasil, where its impact on the urban scenery is compared by the artist with the bright beauty of the tropical landscapes. On the contrary Eugenio Tibaldi’s (Alba, Italy – 1977; lives and works in Giugliano in Campania, Naples )opinion – through the scientific study of the elements forming the marginal economies – aims to discover a new aesthetical dignity for urban suburbs. The same approach characterises the work carried out all around the world by Francesco Jodice (Naples, Italy – 1967; lives and works in Milan), who – after studying the social behaviours in the different countries he visited – reveals the meaning of the frequent and deep modifications of the territory. Also Satoshi Hirose (Tokio, Japan – 1963; lives and works in Milan and Tokio) bases his speech on the various life-styles of our contemporaneity born from different cultures and customs; to this purpose he uses the experience of the travel lived with irony and a critical look.
Also in Mark Hosking’s (Plymouth, UK – 1971; lives and works in London and Amsterdam) utopian objects it’s possible to discover a reflection about what characterises the tradition of a place, in this case of the West. The artist rediscovers symbol-objects of our middle class culture in order to give them a new function. Sharing this opinion Vedovamazzei (Group founded in 02/01/1991 by Stella Scala – 1964 and Simeone Crispino – 1962; they live and work in Milan) – with their amused glance – deprive the objects of everyday use, often furnishings, of their use, inviting viewers to a never banal revision of the idea of art work and of the artist’s role today.
Finally, with his work Jota Castro (Lima, Perù – 1965; lives an works in Brussels, Belgium) continuously demonstrates that the art with its aesthetic is still the most effective way to upset people’s conscience towards a critical reflection on the surrounding reality. Using the most different media and a sharp political satire he invites people to get over the prejudices about our society and the current events we are used to listen to.
Then, the planning will go on in the autumn with the show by Concetta Modica (Modica, Italy – 1963; lives and works in Milan), in December with the first solo show in Italy by Santiago Cucullu (Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1969; lives and works in Milwaukee, U.S.A.) and then, during the year 2008, there will be the exposition by Satoshi Hirose (Tokyo, Japan – 1963; lives and works in Milan, Italy and Tokyo, Japan) and Shaun Gladwell (Sydney, Australia – 1972; lives and works in Sydney, Australia)

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