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Gallery/Dealer Details - Dovin

Dovin was set up in 1993 with the objective to establish a high standard art trade for contemporary Hungarian art. The artists exhibiting in the gallery were “recruited” in the first few years and are exclusively contemporary sculptors and painters. Dovin feels it its duty to support young artists. In 2000 the gallery decided to take a different course and change its leadin theme.That is when its landscape conception was born. The gallery supports artists whose works landscape plays a dominant role in.
Since 1996 literature has been involved into the programme of the gallery. The exhibitions are opened by writers (novelists, poets) who read their works composed for the occasion. In 2004 the gallery launched a series of lectures with the desire to exploit and tap into the notion of landscape. The lectures held bimonthly have proved their success by the growing number of visitors. The patron of the events is Laszlo Krasznahorka, writer, but there has been other lecturers as well: “Landscape in painting” by Zsigmond Karoly, painter, head of department, “Landscape as architecture” by Erick van Egeraat, architect, “ Landscape as poetry” by Yang Lian, poet, and Tibor Beke mathematician examined landscape from the point of view of natural sciences or Roger Bernat theater director.
The gallery plans this project to go on for 2 years. Simultaneously, it has published brochures and art books about its activity. Dovin and Magveto published jointly Laszlo Krasznahorka’s art album titled “ Six o’clock, a few free openings” ( October 2001, Magveto Publishing Company) which won a prize at a competition “ Szep Magyar konyv 2001” (The best Hungarian books in 2001).
In 2006 published the beautiful album of Levente Baranyai entitled: Continental currents- on the paintings of Levente Baranyai.

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