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Gallery/Dealer Details - Allan McIntyre Fine Art

Allan McIntyre Fine Art specializing in fine art prints and works of art on paper, created before 1950, that interpret the American West in all its ethnic, social, and natural facets. Through the collection, preservation, and sale of early lithographs, etchings, aquatints, drypoints, watercolors, serigraphs, and graphite illustrations, we aim to educate a larger audience about our regions history, artists, and art. Graphic artists of interest include, in part, Ferdinand Burgdorff, George Elbert Burr, Charles M. Capps, Howard Cook, Homer Cooyama, Andrew Dasburg, Randall Davey, Lew Davis, Eva Ellen Dean, Louie Ewing, Hurlstone Fairchild, Albert Groll, Barbara Latham, Chester Leich, Ward Lockwood, Albert Looking Elk, Albert Lujan, Pete Martinez, Marylka Modjeska, Ira Moskowitz, William C. Ostrander, Roi Partridge, Gerry Peirce, Leon Pescheret, Doel Reed, Alfred Rudolph, Birger Sandzen, Channing Smith, Will Sparks, Earl Stroh, Stella L. Towne, Jack Van Ryder, H. E. Wenck, Glenn and Treva Wheete.

In adjunct to normal business operations we are attempting to develop a more thorough understanding of artists who worked and lived in Arizona and the Sonoran Desert in the nineteenth and early twentieth century's. Consideration is given to learning about and acquiring information on artists who resided in the state, but due to geographic location and the inability to properly market their art, have been eclipsed by others. It is our hope to fill in another small corner of little known American regional art. Early Southern Arizona artists, and their art, especially graphic artist's and printmakers are of special concern to us. Although a great deal of literature has been produced on early New Mexican artists and printmakers working in the Santa Fe and Taos areas, similar material is sadly lacking for Arizona artists.

Beyond the desert regions of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, we extend our interests nationally to American artists working in the various federal arts programs (for example, PWAP and WPA prints) or who used their skills to express political discontent. In part, George Biddle, Jacob Burck, John Steuart Curry, H. Mallette Dean, Stevan Dohanos, Mabel Dwight, Hugo Gellert, William Gropper, J. Jay McVicker, Mildred Rackley, Robert Riggs, Harry Sternberg, and Anthony Velonis, among others.

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