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Gallery/Dealer Details - Estudio ARTIZAR

In March, 1989, right in the middle of San Cristóbal de la Laguna’s city center, in the island of Tenerife, the art gallery Estudio Artizar begun its adventure, with the main objective of helping people getting to know the local art from the Canary Islands, while building a meeting point for it.

The gallery’s walls have received a broad range of artists from all the islands; from painters of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, to contemporary painters of national and international prestige and, of course, young and restless painters that have grown together with the gallery.

Since its beginnings until now, Artizar has evolved and, bit by bit, has opened its arms and has broadened its aims to a bigger variety of paintings. At first, Artizar was created to be a meeting place for the commercialization of Canary art, but right now, our permanent displays and knowledge, not only go beyond the peninsular frontiers, but also reach foreign countries, with artists belonging to the European, Latin American and North American vanguard, and many others, summing up in Artizar’s wide catalogue of paintings.

Since the moment in 1989 in which Carlos E. Pinto, its founder, after having been involved for a long time in the world of Canary art with publications and various projects, decided to open in an old Canary house of the end of the 17th century an art gallery, the city known as La Laguna has changed a lot. Those first years, in the early 90s, there were just a few centers that worked diffusing Canary art, and practically no private galleries, but nowadays, together with La Laguna’s nomination by the UNESCO as World Heritage, the streets of the city have seen themselves decorated with a numerous quantity of them, making Estudio Artizar one of the most bold promoters of the artistic and cultural life of La Laguna.

We have now created this web site so that friends, customers and anyone looking for, or wanting to have, an access to our proposals, can get to know our work and participate in our projects, and all of this in an easy and more comfortable way, but of course, without forgetting to recommend everyone a visit to the gallery’s facilities.

Estudio Artizar appreciates your visit and hopes that everything shown in this web site is not only of your liking, but also of your taste.

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