Gallery/Dealer Details - Francesca Minini

The gallery is developing a research on italian and international artists of a young generation.

I opened on February 2006 with a solo show of Riccardo Previdi who involves space and light in his installations referring to italian design and architecture from the 60’s.

The second was Paolo Chiasera, a video artist, who presented a trilogy about three artists of the past: Vincent Van Gogh, Cornelius Escher and Pieter Breughel, showing the impossibility, for a contemporary artist, to imitate these important figures of the past.

Gabriele Picco, in May, presented a series of paintings and a complex sculpture creating a stage of the absurd where lonely and deformed characters throw an allucinated look on the contemporary world.

The last show of 2006 was a collaboration between Daniel Buren and Jan De Cock in three different places: my gallery, the Casa del Fascio in Como and Massimo Minini Gallery.
The starting point is the rationalist architecture of La Casa del Fascio built by Giuseppe Terragni in the 30’s where the two artists worked together between the outside and the inside of the building. In my gallery the exterior intervention on the facade of De Cock gave the starting point for Buren to develop his pictorial installation inside the space.
In Brescia finally the ‘Denkmal’ of Jan De Cock occupied completely the gallery and Buren opened it making it bigger and transforming the space through mirrors.

First show in 2007 is a solo show of Alessandro Ceresoli, who will create a styrofoam cave in my gallery to show is black and misterious black drawings, Derek Rowleiei, corean artist and Francesco Simeti will present a double show in March and in May Ghada Amer will transform the gallery space into a special ‘lounge’ were italians and arabs will have the possibility to talk about and confrontate their different cultures and thoughts.

In September Deborah Ligorio will present a special video on the italian craters and the urban architecture around them. At the end of 2007 Armin Bohem, will show a new series of paintings about sects and religious themes.

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