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Gallery/Dealer Details - Jerusalem Print Workshop

The Jerusalem Print Workshop, established in 1974, is the largest and most senior of its kind in Israel. During the last thirty-six years the workshop has invited scores of Israeli and International artists to explore the unlimited possibilities of printmaking. Every year the workshop gives a selected group of artists the opportunity to create prints under the best conditions. The print collection published by the workshop is the largest and of the best quality in the country, representing a unique cross-section of Israeli art. It includes etchings, screen-prints, woodcuts, lithographs and artists' books. All prints and artists' books are signed by the artists and published in limited editions. The workshop initiates unique artistic projects and collaborations that expand the realm of printmaking as a cutting-edge medium, and encourages the discourse between printmaking and other artistic media, like painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation.

The workshop is housed in an historic Ottoman building. The entrance floor holds the screenprint department, the etching department, the lithography department and the open-workshop. The upper floor holds a gallery in which we present exhibitions curated either by the workshop or by guest-curators. The exhibitions are accompanied by catalogues of museum standards. We constantly hold gallery-talks, lectures and meetings with artists.

Beyond its obligation, as a public institution, to provide printing services, the workshop’s goal is to advance the art of printmaking in all its aspects: lithography, etching, screenprinting, and woodcut. We strive continuously to preserve uncompromising criteria of quality of printing and materials and to upgrade standards of edition management, exhibition and commercial publishing.

The workshop has gained the esteem and backing of the best museums, curators, art critics and artists, both in the country and abroad. Situated at the heart of artistic activity, the workshop sees itself as part of the fine tissue of artistic and human relations which is the basis of culture.

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