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Gallery/Dealer Details - Olivier Houg Galerie

The gallery was created in Lyon in 1998. Since then, it has been committed to discovering new emerging artists.
Given to the fact that it is located in Lyon - Paris is still considered as the heart of the country...- it led us to cultivate difference in order to act on the national and international scene.
This was made possible thanks to collaborations with young French and foreign artists who dare to experiment through their work and their will to join in the adventure of the gallery.
The appeal for international scene became real when we participated in differant art fairs like Artissima, Arco madrid..., but it does not mean that we are not keeping an eye on what happens here at home and especially at the "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" of Lyon, a school we are closely linked with and which graduated two of the artists we have been working with since their very beginning: Mathias Schmied, Virginie Litzler.
Beyond a common style or aesthetic orientation, we are dedicated to show that some of today's artists do not fit into the common idea which tried to show for the last decade that artists, wherever they come from or work, are all influenced by the same global culture.
Actually, we think that their background is part of them and although they belong to this global culture, their origins are still represented in their work without falling in folklore.
We have also organized the art fair Show Off Paris in collaboration with Vanessa Quang, Magda Danysz and Les Filles du Calvaire and Docks Art Fair, first international biennial art fair in Lyon which fisrt edition was in September 2007.

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