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Gallery/Dealer Details - Galerie Roemerapotheke

Galerie Römerapotheke

A platform and institution rooted in time, contemporary art with a radical edge: such could be the definition of Galerie Römerapotheke. But as precise as it may be in one sense this gallery definition raises many questions. The gallery celebrates the contemporary and yet yields at and promotes lasting quality. Galerie Roemerapotheke celebrates the avantgarde but does not deny its contemporary presentation. Yet ambiguity is part of todays art world and we are not trying to hide that problem, neither are we censuring any means of expression. Instead, by not borrowing too heavily from elements of its ambient reality, which itself borrows elements from art in order to convert them into simple decoration, and instead of risking art to be sucked into a whirlwind race at the end of which it would be everywhere/nowhere, we represent artists with a radical edge. That is: we believe in message, we promote senses, opinions, philosophies, comments and statements. Founded in 2003, the Zurich based gallery is located in the center of the red light district, in a building that used to be a pharmacy (thus –apotheke). In 2006, Gallery Roemerapotheke opened a branch in Berlin Mitte (FILIALE – an art venture between the Galerie Conrads Düsseldorf and Galerie Römerapotheke). Galerie Römerapotheke has taken part in dozens of art fairs (SCOPE Miami, London, New York, Cologne, Kunst Zurich, Preview Berlin etc.), presented dozens of exhibitions and published several catalogues, books and editions. As of 2008, the team consists of Michèle Novak, Jana Novotny, Nina Samuel, Verena Helstein W. and Philippe Rey.

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