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Gallery/Dealer Details - Dagmar De Pooter

The Dagmar de Pooter Gallery has a mission to present a challenging and exciting exhibition programme locally, and on a national and international platform. The gallery is embarking on an ambitious course to extend this work to new audiences through a series of high quality publications and other less gallery focused pursuits. Since 26 april 2007 the Dagmar De Pooter Gallery Gallery entered in a new and exciting phase, relocating to the prestigious site of Pourbusstraat, 14. Surrounded by a cluster of well-respected galleries, Dagmar De Pooter is able to showcase simultaneous shows and stage even more ambitious projects in this new multi-spaced gallery. To exist in the zeitgeist the gallery sees its role as a nurturer of its current artists and a cultivator of new talent.

Artists Represented: Ellen Augustynen (Belgium), Yves Beaumont (Belgium), Christine Clinckx (Belgium), Julien Collieux (France), Babs Decruyenaere (Belgium), Jan De Pooter (Belgium), Carina Gosselé (Belgium), Frie J.Jacobs (Belgium), Zvika Kantor (Israel), Robert De keersmaecker (Belgium), Michael Laird (United States), Franky Michielsen (Belgium), Christophe Malfliet (Belgium), Marc Provins (Great Britain) and Cian Quayle (Great Britain).

Dagmar de Pooter opened her first gallery in February 1995. The gallery was a small ground floor space in the Lange Leemstraat in Antwerp, Belgium. From the outset the gallery was committed to showing works of innovative young artists.

Careers were launched.... By 1996 the gallery was well established with a strong reputation for dynamic and exciting shows. The Dagmar De Pooter Gallery expanded with a move Lambermontstraat in the South (\'het Zuid\') - the artistic heart of Antwerp, surrounded by many other contemporary art galleries and three museums. During this time many exhibitions, performances and lectures were organised (see website page - PAST).

After a couple of sabbatical years to realise other personal projects Dagmar De Pooter opened a new gallery on the 16th of September 2004 under the same name. The new gallery space is found only twenty metres from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (\'Het Koninklijk Museum van Schone Kunsten\') in the Graaf van Hoornestraat 6 served as the gallery’s home until 2007. last 3 years.

The Dagmar de Pooter Gallery’s uniqueness comes from the fact that not every exhibition is just an exhibition; it is a project, an alliance and a challenge.

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