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The SOVCOM Art Gallery is specializing on Russian, Soviet and modern art, housing over five thousand paintings, graphics, sculptures, rare books and photos of the XIX-XX centuries.

The SOVCOM Auction House regularly holds auctions taking on commission paintings of Russian artists dated XIX century, works by Soviet ad modern masters, old books and photos, coins, medals, rare frames, sculptures and pieces of decorative and applied art.

We present:

* Russian art classics of XIX century and recognized Soviet masters. The Gallery’s collection encompasses all the diversity of art movements and associations of 1920-1970.

* World-wide recognized masters of social realism, laureates of the State prizes, famous Soviet academicians: A.A. Plastov, A.A. Deineka, V.K. Bialynitskiy-Birulia, P.P., Sokolov-Skal, G.G. Ryazhskiy, G.G. Nisskiy, S.V. Gerasimov, A.M. Gerasimov, B.V. Ioganson, Yu. I. Pimenov, D.A. Nalbandyan, F.P. Reshetnickov, A.A. Romadin, KUKRYNIKSY (M.V. Kupriyanov, P.N. Krylov, N.A. Sokolov), etc.

* Diverse and enormous collection of masters, "men of the sixties", founders of ‚Äúaustere style‚ÄĚ: P.P. Ossovskiy, V.I. Ivanov and V.E. Popkov. The Gallery fund includes works of recent decades, modern artworks created by these artists, as well as authors' replicas of famous paintings acquired by the State Tretyakov Galley, the State Russian Museum and other large national museums.

* Section of numerous Soviet graphical paintings by L.V. Soyfertis, V.V. Lebedev, A.A. Romodanovskaya, S.S. Boim, B.I. Prorokov, original illustrations by A.B. Kanevskiy and V.G. Suteyev.

* Paintings and graphical works by recusant artists A.T. Zverev and V.I. Yakovlev.

* Modern artists, whose works featured by art potential: M.N. Romadin, G.N. Zavyalov, M.G. Abakumov, I.A. Razdrogin, V.P. Sokolov, E.D. Khokhlovkina, N.D. Vorobyova, P.P. Kozorezenko, A.S. Lysenko.

* Wide range of rare books including old books, documents, autographs.

* Marble, bronze and plaster sculptures. Collection of porcelain, fiancé artworks and pieces of decorative and applied art.

We provide services in forming private and corporate collections, authentication and art consulting. Our works will not only bring joy and decorate your house, but become a long-term and eligible investment.

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