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Gallery/Dealer Details - Laznia Centre For Contemporary Art

LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art is the best recognisable exhibiting institution in the Tricity, Poland. This year we celebrate 10th anniversary of our institiution. Apart from the mainstream exhibitions, there are numerous concerts, film presentations, meetings, discussion panels as well as artistic and music workshops.

LAZNIA CCA is a place of presenting today’s contemporary Polish and foreign art. We show what is best in art: its variability, energy and bravery. The gallery showcases various trends in contemporary art and its multiple aspects are the subject of talks in our educational programmes. LAZNIA CCA is open to discussions between audience and artists continuing the process of cooperation with local community.
History of the Municipal Bath House
Built in1905 as a municipal bath house with recreational and sports facilities (a three-storey brick building with a basement, 2 floors, an attic and a partial cellar). In the original building there were shower units, bath rooms and sanitary rooms and on the second floor there was a gym. The building performed its function from the end of II World War up to the 70s. In the latter period the building was converted into a ‘point of sanitary procedures’ needed in civil defence. In reality it served as a point of deactivation of personal radioactive contamination, which was connected with a planned location of a nuclear power plant in Zarnowiec. In 1987 the Bath House was put out of operation due to a poor technical condition and was intended for a complete redecoration. In 1989 redecoration was stopped because of the lack of funds. The building was left empty and fell into gradual ruin. First exhibitions to be organized in a building of the former Municipal Bathhouse took place in 1992 on the initiative of Fine Arts Academy students associated with the Wyspa Gallery. At the same time artists attempted to create there a permanent institution meant for presentation of contemporary art. After various changes of concepts the institution was founded in 1998 as the LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art.
Numerous adaptations meant that what was left from the original building was merely the construction dating back to the beginning of the 20th century whereas installation and functional interior come from various periods.

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