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Gallery/Dealer Details - Galeria Pedro Serrenho

Pedro Serrenho Contemporary Art Gallery promotes new tendencies in various areas of the current art scene- painting,
photography, sculpture, installation work and multimedia. Its emphasis is on promoting artists in the beginning of their career
but whose works include references to the current trends of the art scene.

The gallery promotes its artists through collective exhibitions as well as biennials for each of the artists. Catalogues and invites
accompany each of the events at the gallery. In addition Pedro Serrenho gallery also submits its entire portfolio of artists to awards
and national and international Art fairs.


The Pedro Serrenho Gallery - Contemporary Art has as project, the development of discursivity that looks to balance
(or to unbalance) the current hegemonic trend of the great cultural surfaces, our intention intends "to regain" for the artists,
the discursive configuration from its plastic works.
In this way, we try to counterbalance the predominance of speech of the custodian and critic, as well as of art history.
For this reason, we try to create conditions to motivate in our artists, a reflexive politics on their proper plastic work, either in i
ts practical side or in the elaboration of a speech through that practice. The question that Pedro Serrenho - Contemporary
Art wants to place to the quarrel is based methodologically on "rizomática" logic, as proposed by Gilles Deleuze, where
reflection can be established in a strategy of interconnection, interdependence and contamination. Therefore, the question is
not Representation "or" Speech, but Representation "and" Speech.
Our politics is "to resist" the globalization and eventual homogenization "since" or from the possibility
(that opens the proper globalization), individual, personal, regional relationships, etc., being privileged a
"micron" scale under a "macro".From this point, we support as a condition of the origin for this discursivity, an
eventual "to know how to judge", both practice and theory that involves any plastic discipline.

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