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Galerie Ra: 1976-2011
Since Galerie Ra was opened by Paul Derrez in the centre of Amsterdam in 1976, its policy has focused primarily on promoting jewellery as an art form.
Originality, quality and continuity are the starting-points for the gallery’s exhibition programme in which work from around 50 international artists is represented. Eight exhibitions a year are organised, chiefly solo displays, or sometimes a theme or group show for which a specific presentation is conceived.
Every five years, Galerie Ra organises a special exhibition with an accompanying catalogue, i.e.:
1986 – 10 Years Galerie Ra
1991 – The Feestdis/ The Banqueting Table
1996 – Passion + Profession
2001 – Masquerade (travelling)
2006 – Radiant, 30 years Ra (travelling)

Other noteworthy exhibitions were ‘Lepels/Spoons’ (travelling) in 2002 and ‘Souvenir Museum Van Loon’ in 2004.
Galerie Ra also participates in Collect, The international art fair for contemporary objects, since 2005 at the V & A and in 2009 at the new Saatchi Galleries, London.

Galerie Ra/Paul Derrez also advise and inform institutions both at home and abroad, while Derrez regularly contributes articles and gives readings on the subject of jewellery. Galerie Ra has a detailed website in Dutch and English and one of the world’s largest, specialised book titles. Books and catalogues can be ordered on line for mailing worldwide.

Galerie Ra/Paul Derrez chiefly specialise in avant-garde jewellery – continually surprising visitors with new developments in the field. While not always commercial in the short term, this approach has led to an interested, motivated and loyal audience
following in the long term, and Ra being recognised as a culturally significant centre. As a result Galerie Ra is a familiar venue for institutional and private collectors. Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Den Bosch regularly purchase jewellery for their international collections. Abroad, the Danner Stiftung, Munich, and museums in Pforzheim, Oslo and New York are among those that have also purchased work. Partly due to Galerie Ra, the Netherlands now has a large number of private collectors, while Ra is known among individual foreign ones as well.

A recent development regarding Galerie Ra is the on-going exploration of certain aspects within, or relevant to, jewellery design. Based on this study and research, informative articles are written by Paul Derrez or guest writers which serve as introductions or accompanying texts for an event, collection or exhibition. These include Jewellery and Photography (‘Passion and Profession’ catalogue) in 1996; Mask in Theater, Profession, Folk-culture, Sexuality, Film and Sport (‘Masquerade’ booklet) in 2001 and the history of the Spoon for the travelling exhibition ‘Lepels/Spoons’ in 2008. In this way Galerie Ra’s function goes beyond simply showing current works: designers are inspired and challenged to push back the boundaries and links are forged with other cultures and an historic context created.
Among galleries specialising in jewellery this approach is unique. The satisfaction this gives and the appreciation earned ensures further exploration and the continuation of this aspect of the gallery.

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