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Gallery/Dealer Details - Anna Nova art gallery

The gallery of contemporary art ‘’Anna Nova’’ was opened in the centre of the city in autumn 2005. The main activity direction of the gallery –contemporary national art.
The main rule followed by the gallery in its work is orientation on high quality arts and talented artists. At present the gallery is working with a circle of St Petersburg artists such as Petr Shvetsov, Elena Figurina, Vladimir Shinkariov, Oleg Maslov and many others.Two gallery floors give a possibility to widen the traditional art frames by the exhibition projects like video-art, volume installations, performances.
In 2007 the gallery presented two exhibitions from Moscow, the world famous artists: Sergey Shekhovtsov – ‘’The World of Porolon’’ and Olga Chernyshova – ‘’Panorama. Fragments.’’ The gallery collaborates actively with The State Centre of Modern Arts (Moscow) and presented the artists of the gallery in Nizhny Novgorod and Ekaterinburg in the branches of the Centre.
In 2007 the gallery took part in the international art fair ‘’Art – Moscow 2007’’. The musical premieres are held in the space of artistic exposition at the gallery. The events have got the common title ‘’ The Concert of Artistic Music’’. The gallery presented a book by the famous St Petersburg art critic Ekaterina Andreyeva ‘’Postmodernism’’ (Publishing house ‘’Azbuka’’) in 2007. The gallery also showed the colections of the fashion designer Oleg Biriukov.
A booklet with coloured illustrations is issued before each gallery exhibition. It has got an article of the curator, the texts of the leading art critics, creative biography with a portrait of an artist.
In 2006 the gallery organized the First contest for young artists ‘’New projects for the gallery ‘’Anna Nova’’ on the theme ‘’Petersburg in Leningrad / Leningrad in Petersburg’’, devoted to the 15th anniversary of renaming the city. As the result of the contest there was an exhibition of Oleg Oskolkov ‘’Criticising eternity’’ and Daria Buyun ‘’Who is the next?’’. They got positive response in mass media. Daria Buyun’s project was shown in Moscow at the exhibition of young artists ‘’To young everywhere’’. In 2008 the contest was dedicated to 125-year birthday anniversary of Pavel Filonov. Pavel Filonov is an artist standing at the beginning of modern art Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad. We’d like to draw attention to the urgent topics of the megalopolis. The problems of the huge city were first analysed by Filonov especially such things like ideology of urban environment, ecology in the city and in the outskirts, the myth of the city dwellers, a city and a man on the whole.
In Aprill 2009 Anna Nova art gallery will participate in Art Cologne Fair in koln.
The works of the gallery ‘’Anna Nova’’ are regularly treated in mass media. One can find complete information on the site of the gallery -

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