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Gallery/Dealer Details - Galeria Zé Dos Bois

ZDB is an independent non-profit organisation and has made a place for itself as a
promoter of a series of different activities that have in common the assertion of
emerging and contemporary art.

As a creation, production promotion and diffusion structure of emerging art, ZDB
presents its own projects, and at the same time functions as a privileged space of
experimentation and confrontation of proposals that deal with contemporary
aesthetics and technologies.

During the 14 years of its existence, it has occupied abandoned buildings in strategic
places of the city: Bairro Alto, Chiado and Cais do Sodré, developing its projects.
Since 1997, ZDB occupies a small palace –2500 m2– loan by the state where are
developed the visual arts, music and educational programs, and other space called
NEGÓCIO, an old stable, for experimental and laboratorial works and presentations in
performance arts.
We can divide the work of ZDB in the following areas:

ZDB Gallery – Curate, follow up creation processes –residency–, produce, demand
financial funds and exhibit visual arts programs in emergent art on a regular basis;

NEGÓCIO - Programming, producing and promotion shows in theatre dance and
performance. Space of research, rehearsals and experimentation of developing works
that have a less conventional setting when it comes to the public;
Education Department at ZDB organizes programs for audiences of all ages. We offer
tours for public schools, and creative projects for youths with all levels of familiarity
with contemporary art, and for agents of the means of contemporary art;

Zdbmüzique - Programs of experimental, improvised, electronic and new proposals
of urban approach. Music concerts on a regular basis.

ZDB Documentation Center - comprise comprehensive research publications devoted
to modern and contemporary art, including compilation of national and international
audio-visual documents from the 90's carried out by the different projects at ZDB.

ZDB Actions - Zé dos Bois is a network of interchange, developing interventions
based on co-authorship. Specific contemporary art interventions, normally placed
between performance and installation, developed by ZDB's work team.

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