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Gallery/Dealer Details - ArtworkX of Mann (International)

The Isle of Man or Mann is a self-governing British Crown dependency, located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The Island is famous for its stunning scenery and motor sport which feature prominently in the artwork available via this website. Today’s, Isle of Man is a vibrant centre for industries like Finance, film, sport, tourism and much, much more.

ArtworkX of Mann, acts as the Artists Agent for Isle of Man Linked & Resident Visual Artists and we then promote their works & talents worldwide via our Networks of associated or affiliated Art Galleries in Ireland, England, parts of Europe and the USA and Canada.

Now we can also provide them with a unique web presence, via our new

This new site offers you the viewer, the opportunity of viewing each piece of Artwork on our site via the comfort of your own home or office location, wherever in the world that might be.

In addition to the viewing now, you ‘ the Art lover’ have an opportunity of purchasing in a secure environment your chosen piece of Art. This form of online purchasing, simply takes all the additional stress and hassle out of searching for a piece of Art.

You have No queues, No traffic jams or struggling to find a parking space or more importantly if you choose a larger item? You worry about things like..How am I going to get it home? Quite Simply, we take all the worry away from you and we leave you only the enjoyment of choosing your piece and telling us where you like it delivered!

Even our shop is designed to make it easy for you ‘the purchaser’ by having an ‘All encompassing’ delivery fee, pre-calculated for you.

This fee includes Delivery, specialised packing and most importantly insurance against loss or damage of your favourite piece of Art. Then, when the Artwork safely arrives on your doorstep.

You just have to send us an email at This will alert us to the fact that, you now have your Artwork and we can then send out your ‘Proof of ownership’ documentation. What could be simpler?

Artwork by the people and for the people – Making each of Art you purchase an investment for the future!

Unlike other investment types from Banks, Building Societies, Stocks & shares..each piece of Art was lovingly created by someone like you, for somebody like you.

So, why not give your loved one a very Special and unique gift of Art this year for Christmas, their Birthday any occasion really!.

Remember, by purchasing a piece of Original Artwork today. Your gift is telling that person how much you value them!

Also from and investment point of view, your purchase today helps affect the price which the Artist will command for their work tomorrow!

We thank for your kind attention and we hope that, you will enjoy viewing and hopefully buying the work equally as much as we ‘the Artists’ have enjoyed producing these individual and original pieces for you.

Thank you & enjoy your Gallery visit!

Roberto Edmanson-Harrison

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