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Gallery/Dealer Details - SIP (Shelter Imaginary Point): PROTECTIVE FLOWERS

Dear All,
We invite you to take part in the International Art Project SIP (Shelter Imaginary Point): PROTECTIVE FLOWERS.

This project of art group "Strontium-90" is devoted to 25 anniversary of the Chernobyl’s catastrophe, which will be marked on April 26, 2011. The mission of Art Project SIP is to reminder on the fateful consequences of the Chernobyl’s nuclear power-station. Not only Ukraine, Belarus and Russia suffered in 1986. The nuclear fallout were registered in Europe and in many other countries of the world.

We talk not only about nuclear safety, but also about all complex of ecological problems: change of climate and danger of climatic catastrophe, global warming, elimination of forests, thoughtless consumption of natural resources, interrelation between a person and machine, and on a humanity and modern technologies.

In the new millennium the problem of technological safety is yet more actual. Humanity can avoid technogenic catastrophes. All not indifferent people can support this project. Everybody can take part. Write your name, last name, city, country (and age and profession, if you want) and send your picture or photo of any real or unreal flower (near 900 MGB) to e-mail

It is possible to send a cardboard flower or paper flower by ordinary mail to National museum of "Chornobyl, Horevyi side-street, 1, Kyiv, 04071 (for art eco project "The Protective flowers").

Museum's site

A flower is the symbol of human soul. All yours flowers will be fixed on a plastic panel. Floral installation will imitate new Shelter above Chornobyl power station. Now the arch of the real Shelter is built in the town of Pripyat above the sarcophagus (International project "Shelter Implementation Plan" (SIP).

All names, last names and flowers of this project will be placed in the catalogue of project.

Art Shelter will add square meters during 2010-2011. An area of this installation will be from 250 square meters to a few kilometers. Into this object of art group Strontium’-90 will be exhibited the picture PROTECTIVE FLOWERS (25 meters). On the clean back of this picture will be show video The NUCLEAR LULLABY.

The first show of the installation SIP: PROTECTIVE FLOWERS will take place on the Maidan of Independence in Kiev, near the monument of Virgin Ukraine. Then this project will be shown near monuments in the capitals of different countries (from France and UK to the USA and Japan). At April, 22, 2011 completion of SIP project is planned in the town of Pripyat at the Chornobyl atomic station. We also intend to show this installation on international art festivals.

Project SIP (Shelter Imaginary Point): PROTECTIVE FLOWERS is part of project of art group "Stontium-90" (, which started on territory of Chernobyl atomic station at December, 2005. Artists of this art group conducted more than ten actions and exhibitions ( on the problems of technogenic and ecological safety, and about the moral responsibility of humanity before future generations also.

Now the site of project is in creating.

You can see more information here!/media/set/?o.338064318700

Art group Strontium 90 (Ta Chebrova, Les Breus, Ven Goleiko)

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