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Gallery/Dealer Details - Ascend Art Gallery LLC

Ascend Art Gallery offers unique works of Egyptian art, wildlife art, abstract art and glass art from a variety of artists. Based in Poulsbo, WA, the Ascend Art Gallery presents a balanced collection of pieces that vary distinctly in form and color, as well as in imagination and realism.

The innate personality, behavior, and movement of wild animals is reflected in our wildlife sculptures, figurines and paintings. These pieces are crafted by artists who exhibit a deep passion and reverence for nature and wildlife in their works of art. Captured in each sculpture and painting is the magnificence and grace of nature, and a unique image of wildlife.

Local artist Ted Shender designs the beautiful abstract artwork in our gallery. The vibrant colors and geometrical shapes used in his pieces combine to form hypnotic images, giving the illusion of motion. In every one of his abstract designs, Shender strives to create multifunctional works of art that provoke thought and inner peace.

Expert artisans from around the globe hand-craft the beautiful Polish glassware and eco-conscious, Fair-Trade lamps that we offer, using unique shapes, colors and textures to reflect the outside world inside your home.

Our collection of Egyptian art replicas features pieces that capture the mystical beauty of some of Egypt's most famous people and deities, such as Tutankhamen, Nefertiti, Isis, and Osiris. Artists who specialize in Egyptian artwork create each of these pieces with the utmost dedication to detail and quality.

We have chosen to represent this rare combination of artisans because we believe that each one of these collections offers a unique experience to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Whether you are searching our website or visiting us in person at 18801 Front Street in Poulsbo, the Ascend Art Gallery hopes that our art will provide an inspiring and uplifting experience. Our staff is here to help you select the right piece of art for your home or office, and we look forward to sharing our mutual appreciation of art with you.

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