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Gallery/Dealer Details - Knoll Galéria Budapest

Knoll Galéria Budapest opened its doors in 1989 as the city´s first privately owned gallery. With it`s exhibitions – in cooperation with Knoll Galerie Wien – it creates a consistent program: the works of Hungarian and other Eastern European artists are shown in the West, while those living in the West are shown in this region. In addition to the exhibitions presenting the works of artists represented by the gallery, it also houses thematic exhibitions in connection with theoretical discourses defining contemporary art. Besides maintaining a regular presence at international art fairs, the gallery performs „institutional“ tasks as well: for example, it published the volume entitled „A második nyilvánosság“ („The Second Public“), first in German in 1999, then in Hungarian in 2002; This book was also the basis of the symposium, which was organized for the XX. years anniversary the of foundation of the gallery and which aim was to think over the changes in the art history and of the local art scene of the last two decades, by the lectures of native and foreign art historians and curators.
One of the last projects of the gallery (XX Editions) is also connecting to the XX. anniversary, which contains the graphics, photos, videos of the artist working together with the gallery. Every customer, who bought works in these decades, receives a portfolio with selected artworks. The reason for that: without their purchases the gallery’s and several artist’s careers could not have been possible. With these presents would like to give thank for the confidence in our work and our artists.
The gallery regularly organize art tours that include visits to artists`studios in Moscow St. Petersburg and Vienna, similar to ist Budapest White Flags (Open Studios) program, during which in the course of three days Hungarian and international art historians gave lectures in the studios of 21 Hungarian artists as a kind of moving symposium. The Hungarian and the international press regularly publishes about our exhibitions and other activities.
The owner of the gallery is Hans Knoll, its director Erzsébet Pilinger art historian.

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