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Gallery/Dealer Details - African American Portrait Collection

Ronn Cook is an independent fine art advisor and broker based in Sacramento, California and Harlem, New York. Ronn consults with private collectors, art investors, and corporate art collectors. Ronn has close relationships with artists, art galleries, and art institutions. For more than 20 years Ronn has identified and assessed art investment opportunities for collectors and clients. Ronn Cook’s insight, expertise and intimate knowledge of the African American Art Market, encourages Ronn to recommend selective works of rare fine art, that will accrue financial benefit to both the art investor and collector.

Ronn is skilled at assessing the relative aesthetic merits of a given work, evaluating it both in the larger context of art history and within the specific context of the artist’s oeuvre. Ronn is equipped to distinguish subtle gradations of quality and value. Ronn taste and expertise makes him a vital resource for collectors.

Ronn has a specialized knowledge of contemporary works, and can simplify the process of selecting investment art by presenting the best and most appropriate work. Ronn is able to give clear and objective advice on the merits of particular works, and potential opportunities. Ronn Cook knows investments in prime quality art works have consistently produced substantial growth.

Ronn Cook is guided by the philosophy that the arts convey a deep sense of history, tradition and the capacity to inspire our fullest potential. Ronn Cook brings to bare his business creativity and personal connoisseurship to shape the African American Portrait Collection as is. The range and excellence of this extraordinary art collection reflects the creative vision and determination of its founder, Ronn Cook.

Ronn Cook’s art acquisitions and exhibitions sustain direct support of and encouragement to both artists and the cultural lives of the communities in which he operates. His exhibitions are painstakingly conceived to appeal to a mix of business professionals, the art community, and the general public.

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