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Gallery/Dealer Details - A arte Studio Invernizzi

The gallery opened in February 1994 with an exhibition of works by Dadamaino, François Morellet and Günther Uecker; this was followed by the solo exhibition of Bruno Querci and then of one by the British artist Alan Charlton.
The gallery's policy has been to stage exhibitions by artists of different generations, alternating Italians and foreigners in order to create a dialogue and allow
comparisons, as well as provide the most complete overview possible of contemporary art.
The philosophy of the gallery is that what already exists in the present and in the future will be memory because fresh cognitive possibilities are made perceptible, giving rise to new openings.
Everyday events, therefore, become contemporary in art, in the sense that they constitute the enigmatic body of the work's soul: once its limited physicalness has been dispersed, it is perceived in the unitarity of the reciprocal involvement of all the elements comprising it. The repetitiveness that is one of its features becomes contemporary in the unicum constituting it.
In this sense, the exhibitions are conceived by the artists in close relationship with the gallery space so that the work and its setting may be fully integrated.
For each exhibition a bilingual catalogue is published with a critical essay,
illustrations of the works displayed in the gallery, a biographical note concerning the artist, and a bibliography.
The gallery has participated at Art Basel, Art Brussels, Art Cologne, Arte Fiera Bologna, Fiac Paris and MiArt; since 1999, on the occasion of these fairs, a bilingual Booklet is published with an introductory text and illustrations relating to the exhibitions described.

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