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Forthcoming Exhibitions - Alex McCulloch

Exhibitions for 2008

January 15th till February 4th

Summer Group show

Featuring work by artists Liza McCosh, Debbie Robinson, Lee Waddell, Sharon Sarwon, Ilona Jetmar and Alisa Teletovic

February 5 till February 25th

But, Not As We Know It, Jim

Digital Photographs by Sydney artist

Bernd Jansons

Feb 25th till March 17th

Mark Schapper

Bass Coast Summer

Images of the coastline from kilcunda to shack bay by

We live in a time of significant environmental change, with a growing awareness of the impact we are having on our planet. In southern Australia the prospect of increasing periods and severity of drought appears very real. In addition, Melbourne's water resources are under increased pressure from its burgeoning population.

With this collection, shot in January 2008, Mark Schapper has captured the broad sweep, the medium scale, and the detail of this truly fascinating area, which, together with the Mornington Peninsula back beaches, is arguably Victoria's most rugged and visually attractive coastline.

In any event, for those both familiar and unfamiliar with the area, these images are a timely portrayal of a part of our precious coast that could be seriously compromised by the Desalination Plant if it were to proceed.

March 18th till April 1st

Works from the Stock Room

Featuring artists Ben Sheers, John Forrest, Josef Marzi, Sarah Beetson, Chris Hutchinson, James Money and Craig Mitford and photography by Bill Henson

April 1st till April 20th

The Subjugation of the Blue Demon

Paintings by Andrew Mattock

"In the arena of life we fight our demons any way we can.

'Demonio Azul' and partner in pain 'Diosa', are the super-heroes I invoke when times are tough and arse-kicking is required."

Art work by emerging artist Andrew Mattock will be launched at 6.30pm on Friday 4 April at McCulloch Galleries, Melbourne.

Twentieth Century Mexican Cinema and Exotique( risqué 1950s corset magazine) inspiration behind the fifteen artworks which also seek to represent a journey through mental health issues. The artworks have been constructed from commercial enamels on marine ply-board, which are mediums Andrew relates to from his industrial background. This is painting from the hardware store!

Andrew Mattock explains how the mental health issue theme developed: “I have realised thorough personal experience that sometimes you are molded by family and friends to achieve their expectations, and that achievement of social and career status do not create who you are. In actual fact letting go of these barriers enabled me to find myself ten years ago. “I couldn’t have done this without the help of strong willed loving friends”.

St Kilda based Andrew Mattock is originally from Wiltshire, UK. His past his diversely crammed with car racing, running his family’s automotive business, studying ceramics, back packing to twenty seven countries, painting, freelance computer consultancy and migrating to Melbourne with his Australian wife.

April 22nd till May 11th

A Legacy Of Art:

Representations of the Vietnam War

Much has been written about the Vietnam War and its lasting impact on Australian society. Known as the first television war, this most divisive of Australian military commitments remains a controversial subject.

More than three decades after the withdrawal of Australian troops, memories of the Vietnam War still reverberate uneasily in the public consciousness.Despite the numerous histories and commentaries, documentaries and films produced over this time, there is little consensus on how the war should be officially represented in our history.Current attempts to present the Vietnam experience in a way that circumvents controversy tend by default to revert to military stereotypes of Australians at war, and fail to confront many of the unsettling facts about the conflict.

One group of veterans however, has not been so reticent. For the past 15 years or so they have quietly made art about the war.Composed mainly of veterans who went back to art school after their service, they have produced a large body of work, documenting first hand their experience of the Vietnam War.These unmediated art works by Australian service personnel, in large part neglected or ignored by official institutions are a unique legacy of the Vietnam War with a sobering message for the current generation.

May 13th till June 1st

Works on Paper

Stunning works on Paper by Tim Storrier, John Olsen, Robert Jacks, Jason Benjamin and Howard Arkley. Contact the gallery for further info or to arrange a preview of the works.

June 2nd till June 22nd



Beetson will have on display 500 original drawings for sale. This show is not to be missed. More details to come soon.

June 25th till July 13th


Helbourne - An exploded exhibition of text and image
Every so often there is a night where the lives of people are thrust together by the unseen currents of coincidence. On such nights the very fabric of time is frayed and our present is influenced by alternate realities. Our sense of what is 'real' distorts and the impossible becomes probable.

Helbourne is an exhibition that tells the story of five people on one such night.

The story is a character narrative staged throughout the bars and cafes of the Melbourne CBD and is told through site-specific, screen-printed artworks and short stories.

The McCulloch Gallery will be the central hub of the event from which people will be able to experience all the works and literature created.

Illustrated by David Gill and Dave Smith from Qualia Creative in collaboration with novelist Brett Hamm, Helbourne is an original and engaging exhibition that invites the public to explore and connect with the space they Inhabit

July 14th till August 3rd

Works from the


Expect to see works by Melbourne Street artists PHIBS, DEB, REKA and MEGGS

August 4th till August 24th

New Paintings by

Matthew Kyme

August 25th till September 15th

New paintings by

Ben Sheers

September 16thnd till October 7th

New Paintings by

Julian Meagher

October 8th till October 28th

Installation piece by

Ben Millar

October 29thth till November 16th

New paintings by

Ilona Jetmar

November 17thrd till December 1st

Emerging Stars

Further details to come soon.

December 2nd till December 24th

Christmas Group Show

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