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Forthcoming Exhibitions - ArtSway

20 June – 6 July 2008

Multichannel is a screening programme organised by ArtSway and SCAN, and will take place in ArtSway's galleries from 20 June - 6 July 2008. Building on the success of Multichannel 2007, the intention is to present a curated programme of single screen video works by artists and practitioners from across the UK and around the World that focus on the following themes: video and film as material; video as a tool; narrative in video/film; music and video/film.

The Millais Gallery in Southampton will be hosting a retrospective of MultiChannel 2007 in its galleries from the 19 April – 31 May 2008. Please go to:

12 July – 7 September, 2008

Dunhill & O’Brien; Rachel Garfield; Charlotte Ginsborg; Jane Grant; Ansel Krut; Kim Noble; Tim Simmons

A people living under the perpetual menace of war and invasion is very easy to govern. It demands no social reforms. It does not haggle over expenditures on armaments and military equipment. It pays without discussion, it ruins itself, and that is an excellent thing for the syndicates of financiers and manufacturers for whom patriotic terrors are an abundant source of gain -
Anatole France

There is an unspoken aura of anxiousness that permeates modern society: newspaper headlines and 24 hour TV news bulletins report on what appears to be an almost constant, but unspecific, terrorist threat, with governments issuing ever escalating warning levels, all the time encouraging us to be vigilant. However, within the context of the attacks on the World Trade Centre, and the London Tube bombings, there are whispered conspiracies that the US government (particularly with the PATRIOT Act) and the British government are engendering a feeling of fear within the general populace to better able them to control their respective citizens.

Just world order is an exhibition of works in a variety of media by 8 artists (2 working in collaboration) that will examine themes of angst in modern living and the disquiet we often in feel in attempting to find our place and to fit in and how we identify ourselves in relation to others and the places that we live. The title Just world order comes from a lecture given by Austrian philosopher Hans Köchler entitled Karol Wojty_a’s Notion of the Irreducible in Man and the Quest for a Just World Order. Köchler has long worked on the philosophical notion of international relations and is president of the International Progress Organization.

The exhibition will feature works that embrace displacement, both physical and mental (the latter particularly evident in the deliberately ambiguous title Just world order) and will touch upon aspiration and belonging in human endeavour. There will be no distinct conclusion, but rather an opportunity for discussion within the gallery setting: in essence, the gallery will become an ‘empty vessel’ for the visitor to explore and play out their fears with regards to modern living, and to potentially excise them. Displacement and disorientation are indicative indicators of anxiety with modern society, but embracing, experiencing and understanding what motivates us to fashion such a modern world can, within the context of Just world order, become a wholly cathartic experience.

Dinu Li
Galleries 2 and 3
20 September – 16 November 2008

Dinu Li is a filmmaker, photographer and video artist who successfully applied for the ArtSway Production Residency scheme in 2008. Dinu will be researching and producing a short-film focusing on the cultural interchanges and social development of Southern England and China. The basis of the project will be on a recent trend by Chinese city planners to develop housing complexes based on traditional English countryside villages. With this at the heart of the proposal, Dinu’s project, entitled ‘Family Village’ will focus on Dorchester in Dorset and the model village at Poundbury for analysis and comparison its counterpart in China.

Laura Green
Gallery 1
20 September – 16 November 2008

Running concurrently with Dinu Li’s ‘Family Village’, ArtSway will also host in September an exhibition of new work by London-based artist Laura Green. Laura was the winner of the ArtSway Open07 and returns to the gallery for her solo show.

Expect a broad range of work, from installation-based abstraction though to intricate graphical pieces from this exciting young British artist.

Figuring Landscapes
25 November – 30 November 2008

Figuring Landscapes brings together artists’ moving image from the UK and Australia around themes of landscape curated by Catherine Elwes and Steven Ball. Screening programmes will be complemented by an international symposium at Tate Modern and a series of workshops at ArtSway in the New Forest. The programmes will tour the UK before travelling to Australia where they will be exhibited at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the DELL gallery in Brisbane. Figuring Landscapes is funded by Arts Council England

ArtSway Open08
6 December – 8 February 2009

This coming December will see the return of ArtSway’s highly popular annual Open exhibition. ArtSway Open07 saw more than 300 artists from across the UK and Europe submit almost 800 artworks for consideration by selectors Mark Segal and Peter Bonnell of ArtSway and Michael Stanley, Director of Milton Keynes Gallery. Once again there is no formal brief, artists are asked to submit work that reflects their current artistic direction making for an accessible and emotive showcase.

Application forms for ArtSway Open08 will be available for download from the website in September 2008.

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