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The LUXE Art Museum presents “From Imagery to Abstraction: An Exhibition by Invitation of Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting” by 15 Artists Jing Shijian, Li Lei, Li Xiang Ming, Liu Hui, Ning Dandan, Ning Binbin Shang Yang, Wang Huai Qing, Shirley Wu, Su Xiao Bai, Xu Xiao Yan, Yu Ming, Zhang Li Ping, Zhao Wen Hua and Zhou Chang Jiang.

The contemporary culture of Chinese oil painting is rich and varied. The plethora of ideas and a great diversity of styles and schools result in a development trend that goes in a multitude of directions. In this exhibition we have chosen to narrate just one of the threads in the story of contemporary Chinese oil painting narrative from a certain academic angle. “From Imagery to Abstraction: An Exhibition by Invitation of Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting”

This exhibition picks up on the thread of “imagery – abstraction” as our academic focus. Contemporary Chinese oil painting traces its roots to the end of 1970’s and almost half of contemporary Chinese art history is about oil art. Strongly guided by ideological policies before the eighties where revolutionary realism was highly promoted thus resulting in abstract art standing apart as being culturally adversarial. However, abstract art had evolved to be a new form of artistic expression. It had also attained maturity gradually in the nineties, producing a crop of excellent abstract artists.

Fifteen artists were invited to participate in this exhibition. They are representative artists that were born in the 40’s up to the 70’s who boasts strong academic achievements on their resumes. Armed with unflinching academic convictions, they sought to distance themselves from the mainstream art promoted and sanctioned by the government. At the same time, they resist being swept under by the overwhelming wave of commercialism in art. The repertoire presented by the artists that we have invited is emblematic of these various points along this thread that we are exploring. The individual styles and artistic tendencies of each artist can be more apparent by compare and contrast, and we can also discern the overall quality of contemporary Chinese oil painting as it develops on this particular axis from “idea-form” to abstraction.

Exhibition Date: 16th September to 4th October 2008

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