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Forthcoming Exhibitions - Laznia Centre For Contemporary Art

INKUBATOR Joanna Biela Garrido Invisible Life
8 August -21 September

Joanna Biela Garrido graduated from Sculpture Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. She exhibited her works in Wroclaw and Lodz, and as a participant of group exhibitions in Sweden (Biennale Luela), Ireland (Dublin), Austria and Czech Republic. She creates installations, objects, art books; she does projects in public spaces. At present she lives and works in Lodz.
The starting point for project "Invisible Lives" was the experience of living in a big city. An individual is anonymous, the face disappears, fades in the crowd of similar ones. "Man of agglomeration" is invisible. Does it mean that his live is unimportant? What about Warhol's 15 minutes of fame, the privilege of a modern man?
This question was the base for the photo project of Joanna Bieli Garrido. The pictures of the artist are portraits of random people, in everyday life, in the street, passing by. What are the photos taken in Lodz, Crakow, London, Tokyo, Kyoto saying about the subject of the photograph? In her project the artist draws the viewer into a certain game. She distorts the scale, places the photos on the floor level. In order to see them the viewer needs to bow or kneel; sometimes one needs to make the effort to find them in gallery space.
Invisible lives acquire their space after being taken as photographs, exhibited in the marginalizing way, visible only for those who would make an effort.

Curator: Agnieszka Kulazińska

INKUBATOR Grupa Łuhuu!
29 August 2008

Grupa Łuhuu! was established in Wroclaw in 2005, by Katarzyna Goleń, Karina Marusińska, Agnieszka Rzeźniak, Natalia Rzeźniak. The group combines various branches of art, creates mainly performance, paratheatrical actions, and happenings.

The group participated in The International Performance Art Festival "Interakcje" in Piotrkow Trybunalski, "Survival" Young Art in Extreme Conditions Review in Wroclaw, in art workshops "Grand canyon of art. Country – the picture of a mine" in Belchatow. Their happening "Bil-Babel" was held in the city-limits of Bilbao in Spain.
Łuhuu! with their actions leave closed galleries spaces behind; they enter cities, public places. It is essential for them to interact with accidental viewers, to possess art of public space, to take over fields usually taken by commercials.
Their performance is of a specific character – seemingly innocent, bordering careless, children's games. Girlish, on the surface slightly infantile actions like – swinging, imitating porcelain dolls/playing home – make them ask serious, adult questions. The performers analyze social codes, obligations; they observe them with child-like innocence.

Curator: Agnieszka Kulazińska

27 August – 28 September 2008

For generations of viewers George Lucas' Star Wars Trilogy, became a paragon for all science fiction productions of the kind. Images of cosmos and its habitants became modern icons of pop culture.

French photographer Cedric Delsaux became enchanted with unforgettable magic of cinematic picture of extraterrestrial world. Using chosen characters, both positive and dark Jedi warriors, robots (R2-D2, 3PO) monsters, etc.; he created a series of portraits of ancient heroes in the present. His characters inhabited empty city spaces, surprising open airs, postindustrial dark places. This helped to change their fictional identity for reality. The artist, recalling the ever-present war between good and evil, lets the viewers choose one of the sides. Everyday city life became a background for the intergalactic story. The series are exhibited for the first time in Poland.

Curator: Olivier Spillebout

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