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Forthcoming Exhibitions - nkb Gallery

Belinda Wilson
(07.05.2009 - 26.05.2009)

In the day to day of a painters life images appear and need to be painted.

The choice of motif is generally not made consciously but intuitively, linked to the artist’s experiences and state of mind. The motif embodies the idea, and gives form to the thought or feeling. It is not always important to understand paintings, often words explain where paint cannot. The very nature of art is that we leave the meaning to the viewer to decide, memories and influences will decide what is read.

Each subject holds its own story- the satin soft camellia despite its delicate beauty creates marvellous charged shadows and gritty negative spaces.

Images of water are as much inner landscapes of mood and memory as they are of place. The ebb and flow of the water soothes the burdened landform.

The main considerations when painting the nudes were of gesture, rhythm and attitude. The reference to the grid in the use of multiple panels give a sense of movement and time and space, the ability to reconfigure the panels creates new tensions. There is a definite sense of ‘moving forward’ across a space.

Wilson uses passionate, but considered, painterly marks. Building up, removing and manipulating the paint using waxes and gels create complex areas of paint. Shadow and light give a sense of substance to the forms and the colours are rich and vivid. Vestiges of fluorescent lines give little flashes of kinetic energy.

Jan Young
(28.05.2009 - 16.06.2009)

Transitions' hosted proudly in conjunction with the 'Auckland Festival of Photography'

Jan Young's ‘Transitions' collection engages simply and directly by revealing the complex and unsettling phase of maturation from boy to young adult.

Her use of the large format camera allows an uninhibited view of the rawness, youth and symbolic transition in the development towards manhood.

The young men in these large scale images are perfectly captured in an instant that stands between their past and their future.

Neil Driver
(18.06.2009 - 07.07.2009)

Mike Rowland
(09.07.2009 - 28.07.2009)

Paul Woodruffe
(20.08.2009 - 08.09.2009)

Ruth Cole
(10.09.2009 - 29.09.2009)

Hanno Rol
(01.10.2009 - 20.10.2009)

Kate Simpson
(22.10.2009 - 10.11.2009)

Marte Szirmay
(12.11.2009 - 01.12.2009)

Christmas Group Show
(03.12.2009 - 22.12.2009)

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