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Forthcoming Exhibitions - Iguapop Gallery

"BESTIAL" exhibition
Curated by Miss Van
Opening: July, 5th 2007
Until August 4th 2007

Miss Van is one of the most important creators of a generation of artists who started off doing street art and who are progressively being accepted by the circuit of galleries and museums. Her work has been exposed in galleries like Merry Karnowsky (Los Angeles), Magda Danysz (Paris), or Jonathan Levine (New York) and she has participated in prestigious expositions in museums like “Spank the monkey” in Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art or in the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal. The characters created by Miss Van are in between womanhood and child hood, they are overwhelmingly feminine and ooze eroticism, sensuality, provocation but at the same time, they evoke a certain wickedness and perversion. In her recent work, these characters are located in a disturbing environment hiding a big part of their sexuality and they are surrounded by mysterious animals, and by this, she is opening up for scenes of more complexity. Miss Van is an inexhaustible artist who has developed various working outlines on different media parallel to her work on walls, from pieces on canvas which already form a part of different private collections, to her own collection of a clothing line. Throughout her artistic career she has met various creative people who share a similar artistic outline and who have tried to move away from the typical graffiti aesthetic, taking the tattoo world, comics and the graphic design of the 50ies, but also the naivety and the colour spectrum of animations, as a reference. Some of these friends and collaborators who have accompanied her throughout the past few years are going to participate in the next collective exposition in Iguapop Gallery, for which Miss Van has gathered together 15 international artists: Jeremy Fish, Aiko, Mike Giant, Herbert Baglione, Junko Mizuno, Angelique Houtkamp, Kev Grey, Kid Acne, Javi Rodríguez, Landry et Limbo, Nano 4814, Mademoiselle Kat, Ciou and Fawn Gehweiler. In the exhibition there will also be exposed new works by Miss Van herself.

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