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Forthcoming Exhibitions - KALEID editions

FRANS MASEREEL CENTRE presents: COLIN WAEGHE & the Flemish artists' books collection
30 June - 25 July 2010

Private view: Tuesday 29th June 2010, 6-9pm

KALEID editions is delighted to present an exhibition of new paintings, fictional film posters and the launch of an artist’s book by Colin Waeghe alongside a selection of artists’ books from the permanent collection at the Frans Masereel Centre for Graphic Arts situated near Antwerp, Belgium.

Colin Waeghe’s work occurs somewhere between the physical and the mental realm, the actual and the imaginary. He is currently enrolled in the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) studio programme in Ghent, Belgium. During his residency at the Frans Masereel Centre, Waeghe designed a series of black & white posters for films never to be realised. The images rely on digital constructions of photographic and graphic elements such as pictures of friends, interiors, backgrounds and fantastical film titles. A specific narrative is envisioned through assembling diverse elements such as autobiographical characters, science-fiction, fantasy, architecture and text. Waeghe’s imagery invokes nostalgic depictions inspired by African fifties film posters set in highly stylised and uncanny surroundings reminiscent of Italian exploitation films from the seventies.

These new works mark a turning point in Waeghe’s artistic practice in which a more thematically fragmented approach has evolved into a highly imaginative and concentrated narrative.

Black and White Dreams of Cesare, a 23 year old Somnambulist is a screen-printed and hand-bound limited edition artist’s book to be launched at KALEID editions.

Furthermore Brussels-based curator Laurence Dujardyn has selected a number of artists’ books from the Frans Masereel Centre’s collection. These books have been made by international artists during residencies at the Frans Masereel Centre. The selection exhibits a variety of approaches that artists have chosen towards the format of the artist’s book; from a fictional artist’s portfolio and a foldout time-based cityscape, to a cookie inspired comic book, a deck of conceptual playing cards and a note-pad of stencilled twitter messages.

KALEID project space will be hosting an artist talk, What is the appeal of the graphic medium to artists today? on Sunday 4th of July 2010, 2-4pm. Colin Waeghe, Ivan Durt and Laurence Dujardyn will discuss the future possibilities of print through contemporary art.

Frans Masereel Centre is an international centre for Graphic Arts that offers residencies and workshops to various graphic and non-graphic artists.
Artistic Director: Ivan Durt.

The exhibition will continue to; Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee, Belgium 13 August - 24 September 2010

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