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Forthcoming Exhibitions - Bury Art Gallery, Museum and Archives

Bloom 1 May – 17 July
Like many town centres, hubs of shopping, tourism and work going on, Bury goes through the annual ritual of Britain in Bloom. Each spring and summer municipal Parks Departments bedeck public spaces with blooming displays. Working with assumptions of floralornament rooted firmly in bygone times, in myths of order applied to nature, these displays fix public aesthetics into values that are increasingly open to question in the context of climate change. Bloom the latest exhibition in Bury Art Gallery will show how nature has been manipulated. Featuring works from oil on panel to neon, from video to bonsai, artists will investigate what it meansto apply order over nature.

New German Romanticism
1 May –10 July
The starting point for German artist Werner Fohrer’s paintings is the visible reality of the natural world. Recently his landscapes show his immediate surroundings: forests in a hilly country with its typical trees and streams, shown in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In contrast to landscapes painted two hundred years ago as part of traditional German Romanticism, Fohrer’s pictures are not combined sections of different scenery and don’t have any religious meanings as in, for example, in the work of Caspar David Friedrich (1774 - 1840). Fohrer’s subject is a new interpretation of landscape, which could be named New German Romanticism. He examines the point at which nature disguises and obliterates the evidence of man’s use, or misuse, of the landscape. Man’s interventions are shown being overwhelmed by the unstoppable fecundity of the natural world. Fohrer’s work suggests that there may be a point at which all evidence of man’s existence may be no longer discernible. This process re-defines ‘Romanticism’ in a modern way.

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