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Forthcoming Exhibitions - Newzones

Rana Rochat - "New Works"
Solo Show
October 29 - November 26. Reception: Saturday Oct. 29, 1-4pm.

Working in the encaustic medium, Rana Rochat's paintings aim to capture the delicate balance between order and chaos, reason and spontaneity. These earthy paintings result from this search and take place within the richly layered encaustic surfaces of vividly colored wax and transparent layers. The sense of depth is built into her paintings through the gradual addition of forms and textures.

Swirls, lines, and drips are formed within the luminous layers of each painting. While appearing natural and familiar, they are at the same time non-specific, refusing to adhere to just a single meaning for viewers. The freedom in the shapes allows viewers to get lost in thought and generate their own meaning from the artwork.

Peter Hoffer - "New Works"
Solo Show
October 29, 2011 - November 26, 2011. Reception: Saturday, October 29, 1-4 pm.

Peter Hoffer's gestural landscape paintings are sealed in layers of resin, which pick up reflections of light and ambient images. The landscape adopts its surroundings by reflecting them, thus becoming part of the landscape. Also part of this reflective reality, are the people who inhabit the space, be they individuals viewing the work or people using its sheen as a mirror to preen. The curious have to step closer, change their perspective and investigate longer to get past the reflections to see the details under the surface glimmer. ­­­

David Robinson - "New Works"
Solo Show
December 1 - December 24.Reception: Thursday, December 1, 5:30 - 7:30pm.

David Robinson demonstrates a great command of media and skill as a figurative sculptor. Robinson's sculptures juxtapose themselves in urban architectural settings, demonstrating a modernistic approach to a very classical domain in art - the nude. Robinson holds deep reverence for imagery and symbolism and this, combined with his noteworthy skill, allows the viewer to participate in the allegorical through contemporary form.

These striking sculptures incorporate materials ranging from traditional bronze, iron, steel and silver to polymer-gypsum, cement and hydrostone and range from intimate to overwhelming in size. While Robinson's work is primarily figurative, he often adds psychological and mythological elements to his subjects through the use of strings and cables, which both connect and dissociate his figures from their environment and further describe the inherent tension that exists. Robinson's sculptures explore dichotomies such as gravity and flight, religion and secularism and individuality and mass culture. Through his artistry, he is able to bridge these massive discordances into single poetic gestures.

Don Pollack - "New Works"
Solo Show
December 1 - December 24. Reception: Thursday, December 1, 5:30-7:30pm.

Don Pollack is an accomplished realist painter with a serious approach to nature and the natural landscape. Painting with softness and delicate brushwork, Pollack values colour and his paintings embrace a quaint antiquarianism including the heavy varnish used in academic paintings. Exploring the relationships between his own personal mythologies and those of the collective, Pollack's paintings become living surfaces on canvas. Interested in the ways painting can contribute to the construction of identity, the images that result are a continual process of Pollack's ideals.

The construction of identity is an important element in the artist's paintings and from this perspective various issues are addressed during the course of creation: how painting can simultaneously reference impermanence and the transience of a single moment. Landscapes to Pollack are like shifting visions of photography, or stills from a movie.

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