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Sunok U, “Micro Home”, Nov. 23-Dec. 23, 2006

Born in 1958 in Incheon, U Sunok graduated from Duesseldorf Kunstakademie, Germany after she earned BFA & MFA in Painting at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. She met her lifelong teacher Prof. Uecker in Duesseldorf, whose humanity and philosophy in art influenced the artist. In addition, Conceptual art of Germany intensely fascinated the artist, forming her own artistic philosophy through and around it.

For the past 15 years, the artist has been dealing with the following themes: space, existence, and absence, which are directly related to her meditative life. As such, her works transmit (Korean) beauty of emptiness and the elements of German Conceptual art. She often includes poetical writings with paintings and installation pieces and final pieces display her focus on emptiness and simplicity.

In this exhibition, the artist will present works from a video documentation to an installation work titled microhome, which was exhibited in the Biennale of Sydney this year. Dealing with spaces we live in, the artist incorporated small and ordinary objects to elucidate about our existence. By retracing banal memories about each object that we pass by, she seems to be confirming the fact that we once owned the objects and they are a part of our world. U’s microhome is a part of the whole world where everything becomes one.

‘108 small objects that I came across accidentally. Joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure in one’s life. One memory. Maze of Time. Object and home. An object is itself a home. It’s a one world. A world within a world. The world exists in the one and the one exists in everything.
I meditate one’s existence and absence though each object. I present a small gift of light to the dumped, the forgotten, and the left-behind objects. The lights very slowly emerge, as if breathing, and then slowly fade away. They come into being as if a living life.
Past, present, and future are all in the fleeting moments. All the past is connected to the present and the present is likewise connected to the future. Infinity is in my hand and it dwells forever in the fleeting moments. The object and home with breathing wings of light. Some metaphors of life. Nebulous longing that would leisurely disappear after a short stop in an empty place as if in a fuzzy spring dream and the beauty of absence.’ – U Sunok-

After 8 years in Germany, U Sunok returned to Seoul in 1993 and became a professor at her alma master Ewha Womans University and has been teaching there over 10 years. She has been included in many important museum shows such as the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and Samsung Museum of Modern Art in 2003. This year, she participated in the Biennale of Sydney.

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