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Forthcoming Exhibitions - Nexus/Foundation for Today's Art

February 2007 - Two solo exhibitions by member artists. Jennie Thwing uses video and digital based work to explore identity politics. Catherine Passante’s digital based work uses thousands of images which draw no distinction with regards to importance or hierarchy and captures the sum total of seeing as a moment of time, culture, location and spirit.
March 2007 – A group exhibit of artists from the local Oakland, California art community. In exchange, Nexus artists will be exhibiting at Rowan Morrison and Bootling Gallery in Oakland in April.
April 2007 – Two solo exhibitions by member artists. Matthew Pruden’s multi-media work looks at historic exploration and how these endeavors create a strange mirror of artmaking itself: often absurd, sometimes full of hubris, deeply involved with myth-making, and at its best, revealing divine aspirations. Yukie Kobayashi creates large-scale handmade paper sculpture that attempts to visualize invisible yet powerful forces. Nexus Selects workshops will be offered in April as well.
May 2007 –Nexus will once again be host to The Philadelphia Center for the Photographic Image’s fifth photography competition, an annual juried exhibition open to photographers from the region.
June 2007 - The Nexus Selects juried exhibition open to all recently graduated art school students from all of Philadelphia’s art schools
July 2007 – Project:Imagine a collaboration between Drexel Universities fashion design program and West Philadelphia’ Drew elementary school. This exhibition documents the relationship between fashion design students and inner city children and the conversation amongst the children and designers that enables a future filled with dreams and the means to realize them.

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